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Increasing Conversion Rate |

6 Components of Effective Personalization Software

Effectively using personalization software can help you to increase conversion rates in your online shop; the software recognizes the requirements and desires of your online shoppers, helping you to provide a personalized service and a unique shopping experience. What exactly is personalization software? How does it work? And what benefits does it offer? Find out more in this blog article.

Adding Shopping Cart Value | Traffic steigern |

Discover New Sales Opportunities in the Checkout Process

You should never underestimate the checkout process in an online shop. If any elements are missing, such as information on shipping costs or payment methods, this may cause a customer to cancel their purchase. You should always check that this information is up to date. However, there are also new sales opportunities that you can capitalize on in your role as a shop owner. In this blog article, we will explain what these opportunities are and how you can make use of them.

Reducing Bounce Rate |

Why Is Autosuggest Such an Important Component of the Intelligent Search

Intelligent search plays a key role in any online store. That’s because it helps to steer the online shopper in the right direction, taking them quickly and easily to the product they are looking for. One major function of the intelligent search is autosuggest. With autosuggest, the online shopper can navigate from the search function toward the product details page. This blog looks into the background of the autosuggest feature.

Boosting Traffic Rate | Traffic steigern |

Using Birthday Emails in E-Commerce to Increase Customer Loyalty and Traffic

Particularly when marketing to existing customers, birthday emails are an integral part of customer loyalty. Customers are delighted when someone remembers their birthday. So it’s already common practice to send a birthday email on the special day. But what does a birthday email need to contain for it to generate a positive reaction and so invite customers to your online shop? Let us show you.

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