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Minimizing Returns Rate |

Digital Returns Management Begins in the Online Shop

Returns management is an important part of digital commerce. In the fashion industry, for example, returns are not uncommon. With a return rate of up to 50%*, this means that almost half of orders will be sent back in whole or in part. Even without knowing exact figures, we can still see that this results in huge costs. So it is no wonder that e-commerce managers go to great efforts to reduce the return rate. In this article, we show you how this can be done even before the purchase, as well as providing further useful information on this topic.

Increasing Conversion Rate |

Successful Personalization in E-Commerce (Including Infographic)

This year, the entire world of e-commerce is looking ahead to upcoming trends once again. One thing is certain: Personalization will be a hot topic for e-commerce in 2017 as well. And rightly so: 74% of online shoppers get frustrated when they are shown content that does not interest them. On the other hand, 75% would be happy for personalized information to be used to improve their shopping experience. It becomes clear that customers’ interest in personalization stands undisputed.

Reducing Bounce Rate |

The Added Value of an Efficient E-Commerce Site Search

Up to 80% of visitors use exclusively onsite search engines to find products in online stores. This figure makes it easy to see why an efficient, user-friendly site search engine is vital – without it, visitors might abandon their search and leave the site. But what actually constitutes an efficient e-commerce search engine? What features should it include? And what results should the search yield? These are all important questions that need to be addressed when selecting a site search engine.

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