B2B Trends 2020: This Is How You Can Score With Online Shop Personalization

18.06.2020 | 10:00 (CEST)

The requirements of B2B customers have increased significantly in recent years. In order to fulfill these, it is not enough to rely solely on what we know from B2C online shops. In other words: you have to offer more. This webinar therefore deals with the requirements of B2B customers in e-commerce and with the different solutions online shop personalization has in store for you in 2020.


In this webinar, Gordon Thomson shows best practices that B2B shop operators can rely on to address their customers individually. He brings various live examples with him.


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The Expert


Gordon Thomson
Head of International Business at epoq

Gordon leads epoqs International operations and brings a wealth of experience in international sales and leadership in the technology and software sectors. He leads a multi disciplinary team in epoq and is responsible for creation and implementation of our global alliances program and direct sales strategy and our ongoing development of our international partners and customer accounts.


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