Only we offer customized personalization

Every customer gets their one-of-a-kind

Our services are made individuallyfor you with care.

We do not deliver off-the-shelf products. Based on your requirements, challenges and wishes, we will jointly develop a custom-made solution that suits your exact needs. This is how we provide a unique customer experience whithin your webshop. Because each shop has different:

buyer types

Expert, browser, or even the undecided? The expression and weighting of your buyer types is important.

Touch points

The number and the perception of touch points is crucial and the impact on the customer experience.


The personalization has to meet your goals and fit your industry.

Our integration workflow for a unique customer experience

Our integration workflow demonstrates our unique approach to the countless possibilities of personalization:

Getting to know you

We need to get to know you and your shop fi rst, so that you get exactly what you need for a unique customer experience.

Developing a strategy

We jointly develop a personalization strategy that will transform your shop into an experience. Therfore our experts draw upon their expertise.

Starting a test run

The personalization is integrated through the epoq Services in your test system, adjusted for max. six weeks, until the optimum experience is achieved.

Going live

as soon as you give us the approval, the custom-made personalization goes live in your shop. We constantly observe the performance and suggest optimizations

Introducing the login

you will receive a detailed introduction to our Control desk, where you can view reports and configure advanced settings.

Create an optimized customer experience in your webshop!

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epoq's unique platformserves as an anchor

Our services are all connected to the epoq platform. The data from the product catalog / CRM [01] and the tracking [02] via our API in the shop is combined in our platform.

At the heart of the platform are our algorithms, which are continually being developed further by our data scientists using Predictive Analytics [03]. Hypotheses are created and tested using recognized methods, to the point where we can make better and more worthwhile predictions.

The technology we implement is based on Reinforcement Learning [04], which enables our services to automatically develop over time, as the algorithms learn independently.

A node represents the four essential components of personalization.

“Shopping with epoq feels oddly
intuitive and, in a very short time, completely self-evident. Like flying in upwind.”

Our demands for quality are mirrored in our self-evident services



Data Mining

Data expertise
Industry experience
Quality control


Clean up data
Aggregate data
Build a design
Write code


A/B test
KPI Analysis
Fine Tuning

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Better safe than sorryour privacy promise

Personalization works also without personal data – The integration of all the services of our suite is exceptionally simple. But also the data protection that is always guaranteed. Learn more now.

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