Using the e-commerce backend to perform valuable analyzes

epoq Control Desk for more transparency in the online business

What is the e-commerce backendand why is it so valuable?

The e-commerce backend is the analysis tool for our personalization products. It is accessible to our customers by a personal login area via a browser. All collected data from the online shop are illustrated through the e-commerce backend. As a result, various analyzes and key figures can be viewed, which enable the control of online shop personalization. You can influence the click, sales and conversion rate as well as recognize new trends and potentials. This is exactly what the epoq Control Desk offers.

The most important functions:

    The Dashboard provides an overview of all important news and information about the products used in the online shop. Therefrom you can quickly get to the detailed reports and analyzes of the individual products, which are integrated in the online shop.
    In the Key Figures section, you will find the most important quantitative key figures for the click performance, sales rate, and the conversion funnel of the respective products. These can be displayed as diagrams or as a table. For example, the number of queries are displayed in the recommendations.

    If a user visits a site in the online shop with integrated epoq recommendations, this is counted as a recommendation request, regardless of the number of included widgets. This is how often the recommendations of epoq are clicked on in the online shop.

    A detailed analysis of the individual behavior of online shoppers is provided by the analytic section. By visualizing, for example, the most popular search terms with placement, frequency and clicks, the Control Desk offers qualitative key figures that make meaningful adjustments for the respective products and the online shop.
    The Configuration feature offers a quick overview of the configuration of the individual widgets.

    Here, the rules for the recommendations can be simply modified, for example by changing the order of importance. In addition, rules can be deleted and new ones added.

    In order to allow several people to work with the products, the user and role management function is available. Therefore you can create different access points for different people in the Control Desk. With the User Management, people can be added or removed. These can also be configured in their role.
    Changes to the e-mail reports can be easily made. The account settings are used to access the individual setting options, such as:

    • the selection of individual tenants
    • the period of the shipment date
    • and the adjustment of the addressee

    The e-mails contain relevant information about the products, which are integrated in the online shop.

    The reports can be downloaded in detail as XLS or CSV files if they should be inserted into other reports or used for further key figure calculations. In addition, there is the option to print the reports.

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    Selected technologiesthat make the Control Desk work



    The object-oriented programming language compiles the bytecode that is run by the runtime environment.



    The dynamics of the JavaScript framework lets our team work fast and independent.



    Bower manages all our libraries centrally. We do not want to live without it.



    Always run the same processes manually by hand? No thanks – We prefer to automate our development processes with the help of grunt.



    A stylesheet language that makes the life of our web designers easier as a preprocessor.



    The CSS framework of today helps us build lean, flexible and responsive web applications.

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