Software Customization for successful E-Commerce

epoq Customizing makes our customers’ individual wishes come true

What does Software Customization meanand what are its benefits?

Software Customization means adjusting software products to the individual demands of every user. Like this, company-specific processes and shop strategies can be projected on our software. To reach this, our software products are configurated, parametrized, developed and designed.

The process of a successfulSoftware Customization

Before we start integrating our software products we determine our customers’ demands. Some demands are not dependent from specific customers as for example server configurations or the establishment of a data bank. However, software customization deals with individual demands according to customer specification. The following points are checked: Realizability, data type, functionality, layout and design.Afterwards we create a project plan for epoq Customizing which leads to our customer’s goal. Customizings are not only performed at the beginning of a software integration but also during use upon request.

Overview of the process


We check if the technical circumstances for reaching the customer’s goals are present from our customer’s side.If we see the goals are realizable, the process is continued.

Data Form

In which form is the data transmitted? Does the data still have to be adjusted and aggregated?


The desired feature extent is registered and realized.

Layout & Design

The design conception of our customer is registered.

Software CustomizationExample Geo Targeting

Demand: A customer wants to integrate geo targeting in his online shop.


Our customer care team talks to the customer and gathers information about the relationship between the product and geography. The customer explains that he wants to find out where his online shoppers are located. With this information his idea is to offer these products in the next local store and announce the disposability. Therefore a request for the inventory of the retailer is necessary. If the determination and transmission is possible, the project can be realized.

Data Form

Now a list of all branches and inventories is necessary. Depending on how the data is transmitted a data adjustment and aggregation is executed by us for transferring it in our intern data structure. Once it's done, we take the next step.


Which features does the customer wish in his online shop? Does he want a slider to appear with the single recommendations? The customer chooses the following insertion within the recommendation slider: ``Just around the corner, 7 pieces still available!``. The desired functionality is registered and trasmitted to the development team.

Layout & Design

How should the display look within the recommendation slider? The customer wishes a green frame with an eye-catching animation for example a temporary wiggling. This is registered and transmitted to the frontend developer.


Now it's time for the integration. Data, functionality as well as layout and design are integrated in this step. Through software customization the customer connects his online shop with the stationary trade. This is an additional service he can offer his customers now.

Do you also have any Customizing COncerns?

We’ll check if it is realizable. Simply send us your customization request!

Our Software Customization TeamAchieving more together

Customization is our USP. This is why we trust in our experts in development, data science and customer care. Every team member yields his individual knowledge and skills. Like this we achieve the best results for our customers.

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