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Ankerkraut enhances the customer experience in e-commerce by personalizing a further touchpoint


Ettlingen, April 6th, 2020 – Ankerkraut, the spice manufacturer from Hamburg, offers a spicy treat with no flavor enhancers or artificial colors for the perfect BBQ experience. But that’s not all: The Ankerkraut online store, one of Ankerkraut’s most important sales channels, wants to make its customer experience in e-commerce even more perfect. That’s why Ankerkraut is personalizing a further touchpoint in its online store – the search function – with the help of epoq internet services GmbH, the experts in online shop personalization.



At Ankerkraut, personalization is a key component for the perfect customer experience in e-commerce


Ankerkraut consistently delivers the right taste with fresh, high-quality and lovingly prepared spice mixes. The Hamburg-based spice manufacturer’s product range offers everything from kitchen basics like oregano, paprika and curry to homemade BBQ rubs and special mixes, and even elegant salt and pepper compositions from nine different pepper corns, everything your heart – and your palate – desires. While the family-run company from Hamburg can now be found in over 5,000 stores, the online store is the central contact point and, just like the spices, it too requires that special ingredient personalization.


“Our quality guarantee doesn’t stop at manufacturing high-quality spices and spice mixes, it covers all areas of the business, including our online store. We want to offer our customers an absolutely perfect taste and e-commerce experience. That’s why we rely, among other things, on personalization,” says Robin Haas, Marketing Team Leader at Ankerkraut. That’s because with personalization, every shopper can be approached individually, a bit like in a physical store. Personalization is therefore an important part of the perfect customer experience in e-commerce that is being enhanced at Ankerkraut.



At Ankerkraut, customers not only find the ideal products for their needs – they also find inspiration


“We’ve been heavily focused on personalization since 2018. Our first measures, which we put into action together with epoq, were cross-selling recommendations on individual product pages. Based on their individual click-and-buy behaviors, customers were inspired with matching add-on products which they could add to their basket directly. This had a visible impact on shopping cart values and conversion rates,” Robin Haas continues. More info on cross-selling recommendations can be found in our Case Study.


Ankerkraut recently began using intelligent searching from epoq. This helps customers in finding their way around the online shop or the blog and takes them directly to the desired product or content. As well as products, finding the editorial content is also important, since Ankerkraut has plenty to offer in terms of content marketing, such as recipes for grill night or information on nutritional values. Thanks to epoq Search, Ankerkraut is one step closer to the perfect customer experience in e-commerce.


“That’s why our focus at epoq is always on the customer. By that, we don’t mean just online shop owners but online shoppers too. Because if the customer is happy, the online shop owner is happy as well. Our mission is therefore to identify customer needs and keep on making e-commerce more intelligent so that customers can always be addressed individually,” says Thorsten Mühling, Founder and CEO of epoq.




About Ankerkraut

Ankerkraut was founded in 2013 by Stefan Lemcke and today employs over 100 people. With turnover in the tens of millions and a product range that includes over 300 unique spices, spice mixes and teas, the Hamburg-based family-run company has gone from start-up to successful grown-up. In addition to its successful online channels and nationwide presence in German grocery stores, Ankerkraut now operates its own stores from coveted inner city locations in metropolises across Germany.



About epoq internet services

epoq internet services GmbH provides its customers with a unique software suite for the holistic personalization of digital commerce. With modular, tailor-made services based on artifical intelligence, epoq creates unique shopping experiences both along the entire customer journey in digital commerce and through a personalized shopping area that is dynamically and individually presented for each online shopper. Online shoppers receive orientation, advice and inspiration when shopping online. After their purchase, they are kept up to date with personalized e-mails so they stay in touch with the online shop. They are also provided with relevant shopping news in real time in their personal shopping area, which prompts them to make daily visits to the online shop.


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