Case Study

Comparing Recommendation Engine Providers

Baumarkt direkt increased Recommendation Performance by 10,14%

    Case Study

    Comparing Recommendation Engine Providers

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    higher recommendation performance

    What the Baumarkt direkt case study is about:


    Baumarkt direkt wants to go deeper into real-time personalization. Therefore, the recommendation performance of the previous recommendation engine should be evaluated in the online shop of


    To carry out an A/B test, Baumarkt direkt used epoq Inspire directly and set various recommendation widgets for the test. The goal of the recommendations at Baumarkt direkt is to support customers in the selection of the right products and to generate more sales overall. By using epoq Inspire, the recommendation performance increased significantly and thus the shopping cart value and sales.


    You can read all the information in detail in our case study.

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