Case Study “More Turnover through personalized Newsletter”

design3000 increases your sales with epoq Connect

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    More Turnover through Personalized Newsletter


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    The image shows the logo of design 3000. Design 3000 is a customer of epoq.


    more revenue through personalized newsletters

    What this Case Study is about:

    In order to offer an exciting online shopping experience to their customers, design3000 has been counting on epoq as a central partner for personalization since 2011. For over these years, design3000 has been using our intelligent search and our recommendation engine with satisfying results. Because of this positive experience, they considered using our personalized newsletter, too. To analyze our products’ impact on the revenue, an A/B-Test was organized. In this test we compared the classical newsletter that displays the top-seller products with our personalized newsletter. The results speak for themselves. For more details just click on our case study.

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