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Spryker has grown into a comprehensive commerce solution serving over 150 B2B, B2C and marketplace customers since its founded in 2014. In addition to the on-premise software, Spryker Commerce OS, the company also offers a cloud solution, Spryker Cloud Commerce OS.

Spryker’s high number of modules makes it possible to individualise business cases, which means that each shop can be composed of individual modules and customised. This makes a Spryker shop very scalable and performant at the same time.

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New Partnership: Spryker and epoq Look Forward to Working Together to Personalise the Customer Journey Touchpoints

21. Jan 2020

Spryker Systems now offers its customers seamless personalisation of the customer journey touchpoints via epoq.

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[Webinar-Recording] Touchdown: How to really impress customers along the customer touchpoints

The e-commerce experts from Spryker and epoq talk about customer needs along the customer journey touchpoints in this webinar recording.

08. Jun 2021

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Customer Journey: Spryker und epoq kooperieren bei der Per­so­na­li­sie­rung

19. Feb 2020

Spryker Systems bietet seinen Kunden ab sofort die nahtlose Personalisierung der Customer Journey Touchpoints über epoq internet services an, dem KI-Experten auf diesem Gebiet.

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