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Did you know that…

  • 85%

    of customers know that their purchasing behavior is documented to provide relevant information e. g. in individual emails (Source: Monetate)?

  • 75%

    of shop visitors want online shops to use their personal data in order to optimize the shopping experience (Source: Monetate)?

  • 50%

    of shop visitors unsubscribe from email lists where the content isn’t relevant to them (Source: Email Vendor Selection)?

Individual emails - Inspiring reminder with personalized shopping tips

Individualized emails from epoq help to establish contact with customers and to supply them with relevant information. This leads the customer back to the shop. How? With Unique Newsletter – the individual emails.

    Individualized emails offer customers recommendations customized for them even outside of the shop, based on their personal history. The contents are determined in real time at the point the email is opened, and for each customer individually. Demands on the product range can be managed through black/white/single-buy lists.

    The email is the perfect means for informing customers about current trends and new products. We are unique in offering the ability to integrate relevant recommendations into the newsletter medium – simply by assigning product attributes.


    TUI is a good example – a beautiful newsletter about trips to Portugal, with personalized package holiday offers in real time, based on the customer’s history.

    Whether customer welcome emails, or those on birthdays, basket abandonment, or return to the shop, relevant recommendations show customers something new every time and in the right context. Take the opportunity to connect with your customers wherever possible.

    “We miss you…” – personal relationships with a customer through follow-up emails, perhaps recommending additions to an outfit, create a sustained connection and prompt the customer to return to the shop.


    A great example of highly-personalized recommendations are the Lifecycle ones from babymarkt.de: The intelligent recommendation system grows with the children and only recommends sizes which are available and which will fit.

    Logo Design 3000 als Referenz für E-Mail Empfehlungen


    „Although everyone is talking about personalization nowadays, very few online shops have made use of the possibilities that exist. We are delighted with the results and feel vindicated in our approach to ensure an enjoyable online shopping experience for our customers. epoq is our key partner for all aspects of personalization. All epoq services offer a fair price-performance ratio and are adapted flexibly to suit our requirements. The support provided by competent contacts ensures smooth communication and corresponding excellent collaboration.“

    Felix Vay | Managing Director | design3000

    Gain interest through personalization in their email inbox

    A personalized letter piques the curiosity and will be opened. Whether the email is opened and the customer returns to the shop depends on the relevance.

    Top-quality emails contain:


    The models which provide the connection between data (e.g. these trousers are bought with this t-shirt) are controlled by the clicking and buying behavior of customers and all visitors to the shop, as well as by human insight (hybrid approach).


    Recommendations are generated in real time on opening based on customer history.


    Rules enable recommendations to be restricted to a certain use case, e.g. reactivation, lifecycle, returns, etc.

    Integration?There's nothing easier than that!

    Product catalog

    In order to set up the individualized emails, we first need your product catalog in XML or CSV format.

    Tracking Code & Code Snippet

    You add our tracking code to your online shop to connect to our platform as well as the code snippet as placeholder for the frontend.


    The individualized emails are configured in your test system until the optimal result is achieved.

    Email delivery

    The individual email recommendations are placed and played freely through the code snippet. The marketing manager handles the sending of emails as always.

    Quality assurance

    A test is carried out and we adjust the rules to the desired recommendation strategy in email marketing .

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