The personalized shopping areafor your customers: My Stream

My Stream is a personalized shopping area which allows each shop visitor to browse through their own product and brand world. By offering relevant shopping news in real time, you can motivate your shop visitors to check in on your online shop again and again. In this way you can increase your repeat purchase rate as well as the customer lifetime value. My Stream is based on our long-lasting experience in the field of artificial intelligence in e-commerce and operates on a unified knowledge base along the digital customer journey.

The dynamic elementswithin My Stream

My Stream is personalized for each online shopper. Not only the content displayed is personalized, but also the layout. Both content and layout are dynamically adapted to the online shopper and their preferences. You can offer various elements to your visitors, such as:


  • type-related content
  • relevant content suggestions
  • personalized product recommendations
  • interactive product finder


Below is an excerpt of the various elements that make My Stream customizable for each of your online shoppers. Naturally, there are many more.

Type-related content

Type-related content refers to variable content, which changes according to the preferences of the respective online shopper, whenever they access their Stream.

“Hello Sarah”

Sarah Müller (fitness junkie, outdoor lover, wanderlust) logs on her Stream and the first thing she sees is a banner featuring a woman wearing a casual leather jacket as well as a rather casual t-shirt. Next to this woman, Sarah sees a text box greeting her by name. With this type-related content you can create an emotional bond between your online shopper and their own Stream since they can see themselves reflected in it.

Relevant content suggestions

Relevant content suggestions show each visitor content that interests them and which they enjoy.

“The newest trends for you”

Offer each online shopper fitting blog articles on the latest trends related to their product and brand world. This will keep them up to date and, at the same time, motivate them to come back to their Stream over and again.

“Top Themes”

Behind the Top Themes element hide our Theme Worlds, which fit each particular online shopper. Inspire your visitors with relevant theme worlds that embed matching products or product sets into a story.

Peronalized Product Recommendations

Personalized product recommendations contain only the favorite products, favorite categories, and favorite brands for a specific context.

“Just for you”

Show each online shopper the newest top products from their product and brand worlds. The best recommendations according to the preferences of your online shopper will be displayed. By clicking on a product, the online shopper is directed to the product detail page and can find out more about the product.

“Back on stock”

Create a wow effect by recalling available items to your customers’ memories. In addition, you can also draw attention to re-available items in your online shopper’s size or favorite color, or give them a hint if the product is low on stock. This will make your customers happy and provide incentives to buy.

“Because you’re interested in product XY”

Through the click-and-buy behavior it becomes clear that certain online shoppers prefer to wear shirts or frills. Hey, then show them exactly this product in the personalized recommendations. You can play the recommendations on category level (i. e., shirts), material level (i. e., silk), attribute level (i. e., frills or camouflage) and color level (i. e., dark green).

“Now on sale”

How cool is that, a favorite item is currently reduced. You should definitely inform your online shoppers about this. Because we all know the feeling when we find a great product but are put off by the high price. Therefore it’s quite important to draw the online shopper’s attention to the current lower price and to pique their interest again.

Interactive Product Finder

Interactive Product Finders contain clickable elements that allow your online shoppers to find the right product or product set.

“Find your product set”

Your online shoppers will be shown the matching product set for their favorite item. This can be the last product they bought, remembered or moved to the shopping cart.

Once your online shopper has selected their product set, they can buy it directly or save it for later. Editing, deleting or moving the product set is possible at any time.

“Find your new favorite product”

You can give your online shoppers the opportunity to find other favorite products. Clicking on a favorite brand opens the interactive product recommendations, which can be further narrowed or expanded by selecting a favorite category and tags. Above the tags, your online shopper will find a search box where they can search for other tags. These clickable elements allow your online shopper to quickly and easily find their next favorite product.

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