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Increasing Conversion Rate |

6 Components of Effective Personalization Software

Effectively using personalization software can help you to increase conversion rates in your online shop; the software recognizes the requirements and desires of your online shoppers, helping you to provide a personalized service and a unique shopping experience. What exactly is personalization software? How does it work? And what benefits does it offer? Find out more in this blog article.

Increasing Conversion Rate |

Successful Personalization in E-Commerce (Including Infographic)

This year, the entire world of e-commerce is looking ahead to upcoming trends once again. One thing is certain: Personalization will be a hot topic for e-commerce in 2017 as well. And rightly so: 74% of online shoppers get frustrated when they are shown content that does not interest them. On the other hand, 75% would be happy for personalized information to be used to improve their shopping experience. It becomes clear that customers’ interest in personalization stands undisputed.

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