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Why Is Autosuggest Such an Important Component of the Intelligent Search

Intelligent search plays a key role in any online store. That’s because it helps to steer the online shopper in the right direction, taking them quickly and easily to the product they are looking for. One major function of the intelligent search is autosuggest. With autosuggest, the online shopper can navigate from the search function toward the product details page. This blog looks into the background of the autosuggest feature.

Reducing Bounce Rate |

The Added Value of an Efficient E-Commerce Site Search

Up to 80% of visitors use exclusively onsite search engines to find products in online stores. This figure makes it easy to see why an efficient, user-friendly site search engine is vital – without it, visitors might abandon their search and leave the site. But what actually constitutes an efficient e-commerce search engine? What features should it include? And what results should the search yield? These are all important questions that need to be addressed when selecting a site search engine.

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