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Did you know that…


of respondents consider entertainment a vital need (Source: Havas Group & Cannes Lions)


of respondents want an entertaining experience with brands, according to the study (Source: Havas Group & Cannes Lions)


of respondents are more attracted to advertising if it is entertaining (Source: Havas Group & Cannes Lions)


of respondents would watch adverts if they were entertaining (Source: Havas Group & Cannes Lions)

The personalised shopping area
makes your customers visit
your shop every day

The personalised shopping area allows each individual customer to browse through their own product and brand world. In this way, you offer your shop customers relevant shopping news in real time, which prompts them to visit your online shop every day. This increases your repurchase rate and customer lifetime value. The personalised shopping area is based on years of AI experience and expertise in e-commerce and uses a uniform knowledge base along the digital customer journey and is personalised for each shop customer. Not only the content is personalised, but also the layout. Content and layout are dynamically adapted to the shop customer and his or her preferences. You can offer your online shoppers various elements for this purpose. This is exactly what epoq Stream offers you.


Connect with your customers and build customer trust. Your customers visit your online shop regularly, so let them hear from you too. Send personalised emails on different occasions, such as birthday, lifecycle, transactions, etc. Learn more


Also provide entertainment and thus ensure constant customer loyalty. Customers like to browse through their own product and brand world to discover new things. Start here with a personalised shopping area and keep your customers coming back to your online shop every day.


Inspire your customers as soon as they show a willingness to buy. They are now open to further buying impulses that complement or supplement their selected product. Relevant recommendations are particularly suitable for this. Learn more


Provide your customers with advice on product selection. Your customers have a need, but need help choosing the right item from the product range. An intuitive product advisor can help. Learn more


Offer your customers orientation in their product research. This way, they can quickly and easily get to the desired product detail page and find out more about a product. If you want to personalise this customer touchpoint, check out our intelligent search. Learn more

Personalisation plays an important
role for the operation of a shopping area

The personalised shopping area is part of our personalisation platform, which is powered by our AI engine. Thus, the personalised shopping area uses artificial intelligence techniques to enable each individual customer to browse through our own product and brand world. This creates a natural customer loyalty effect that makes customers return to the online shop. For example, a customer receives relevant content suggestions, such as blog articles, theme worlds, etc., and product recommendations on new releases of their favourite brand or on specific patterns they prefer. All based on current click and purchase behaviour.

Closer customer loyalty through the personalised shopping area

“As a pilot customer of epoq Stream, we are proud to open a new door in e-commerce. Like a good salesperson who knows his customers and their preferences, we are now offering each individual customer a personal selection of relevant products and content on a daily basis with epoq Stream. Through this special product, we want to bind our customers even more closely to our online shop.”

Dr. Stefan Hoffmann | Managing Director | OUTLETCITY METZINGEN GmbH.

The personalisation of the
shopping area can
take place in stages

Before you start with personalisation, you first need to make sure that the products and the content are played out correctly, such as the right fabric pattern for your favourite shirts or the right blog articles on your favourite topics. Only then can you start with personalisation. In the first stage, for example, you can already prioritise certain brands. In the second stage, you have the option of displaying the products and content appropriately for certain customer segments, and in the third stage, you can implement a complete 1:1 personalisation. You can define a personalisation strategy for your entire shopping area or carry out customer targeting within the framework of campaigns. Our AI technology makes it possible.

The most popular use cases
of the personalised shopping area

Adapt header images to client type

Ensure recognition as soon as customers enter the personalised shopping area.

Integrate the latest trends

Keep your shop customers constantly up to date with content

Play out themed worlds

Offer every shop customer his or her favourite stories

Playing off top products

Play only preferred products and brands to your shop customers

Draw attention to products that are available again

Create an “aha” effect for your shop customers

Playing out products at different levels

Play a wide variation of relevant products

Draw the attention of shop customers to reduced articles

Offer an excellent service

Assemble product sets

Offer the possibility to buy a complete package

Make favourite products searchable

Care for finding new favourite products

Adapt header images to client type

“Hello Sarah” Sarah Müller (fitness junkie, outdoor lover and globetrotter) calls up her stream and the first thing she sees is a banner with a woman wearing a casual leather jacket and a casual style T-shirt. Next to it is a greeting with her name in a text box. Through this type-related content, you create an emotional connection between your online shopper and their stream, as they recognise themselves in it.

Integrate the latest trends

“The latest trends for you” Offer every online shopper the right blog articles on the latest trends in their product and brand world. This will keep them up to date, which they will thank you for by returning to their stream again and again.

Play out themed worlds

“Top themes” The top themes hide theme worlds that match the respective online shopper. Inspire your online shoppers with relevant theme worlds that embed suitable products or product sets in a story.

Playing off top products

“Just for you” plays for each online shopper the latest top products of their product and brand world. The best recommendations are displayed according to the preferences of your online shopper. By clicking on a product, the online shopper is taken to the product detail page and can find out more about the product.

Draw attention to products that are available again

“Available again” Create an “aha” effect by reminding your customers that items are available again. You can also draw attention to items that are available again in the size or favourite colour of your online shopper or give a hint about low stock. This will make your customers happy and encourage them to buy.

Playing out products at different levels

“Because you are interested in product XY”: Through click and purchase behaviour, it is known that certain online shoppers like to wear shirts or find ruffles great. Hey, then show them exactly these products in the personalised recommendations. You can display the recommendations at category level (e.g. shirts), material level (e.g. silk), attribute level (e.g. ruffles or camouflage) and colour level (e.g. dark green).

Draw the attention of shop customers to reduced articles

“Now reduced” How cool is that, a favourite item is currently reduced. You should definitely inform your online shoppers about this. Because everyone has certainly experienced the situation where an item was appealing, but the price was too high at that moment. It is therefore all the more important to make the online shopper aware of this and to inspire him or her.

Assemble product sets

Your online shoppers are shown the matching product set for their favourite item. This can be the last product they bought, the one they remembered or the one they moved to the shopping cart. Once your online shopper has selected their product set, they can buy it directly or save it for later. Editing, deleting or moving the product set is therefore possible at any time.

Make favourite products searchable

“Find your new favourite product” You can offer your online shoppers the opportunity to find more favourite products. Clicking on a favourite brand opens the interactive product recommendations, which can be further narrowed down or expanded by selecting a favourite category and tags. Above the tags, your online shopper will find another search box, which he can use to search for further tags. Through these clickable elements, your online shopper can quickly and easily find their next favourite product.

The AI engine of our
personalisation platform

The personalised shopping area is a component of our personalisation platform, which is operated via an AI engine, i.e. the personalised shopping area works on the basis of artificial intelligence. Before the personalised shopping area is used, we first generate a knowledge base with intelligent algorithms for your online shop. This is enriched with your product catalogue, the click and purchase behaviour of your shop customers and your and our expert knowledge. The intelligent algorithms link the data to knowledge and can thus play out exclusively relevant content for each individual shop customer on a shop page and thus generate a natural customer loyalty effect. Since the personalised shopping area is located on our personalisation platform, which is designed for the entire customer journey of a shop customer, additional products can be activated for personalisation in your online shop (modular structure).

More info on our personalisation platform

A personalised shopping area
should have these components

Type-related content

Variable content that changes according to the preferences of the online shopper, e.g. title image in the header or text boxes about recommendations.

Content proposals

Content that interests the online shopper, e.g. blog articles or current topics on the latest trends.

Product recommendations

Products that are embedded in a specific context and that have relevance for the online shopper, e.g. “New for you” or “Brands for you”.

Interactive product finder

Clickable elements that allow you to find products and product sets.

Check out the latest insights
on the personalised shopping area


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Tailoring is a must-have of the
personalised shopping area

Product data

Your product catalogue is cleaned up, prepared and aggregated with regard to the desired components, e.g. the colour designation is included in a separate column or missing attributes are added.


Definition of a widget logic and adaptation to the shop design.


We configure individual rules for the desired components in the personalised shopping area.

This is how the integration
of the personalised shopping area works


Generation of a knowledge base

To generate a knowledge base, we need your product catalogue in XML or CSV format and the click and purchase behaviour of your shop customers. The latter is recorded via a tracking code in your online shop in compliance with data protection regulations.


Setup in the test system

We discuss your visual ideas together and send you the div element as a placeholder for the frontend of the personalised shopping area. You integrate this into your test system. Now the fine-tuning of the algorithm and the required configuration take place.


Activation in the live system

After the setup in the test system and the successful function test, the personalised shopping area is activated in your live system and is ready for your shop customers to display the individual elements. If necessary, we will carry out a fine-tuning in live operation.


Introduction to our backend

We introduce you to our backend, the Control Desk, and train you in the various analysis and configuration options as well as the use of features. This will enable you to monitor and control the personalised shopping area.


Display of the personalised stream

Your shop customers now receive their personalised shopping area in your online shop, which creates a natural customer loyalty effect. You thus provide entertainment in the customer loyalty phase and increase the repurchase rate, which has a positive effect on your conversion rate and your turnover.

epoq Control Desk

Monitoring and controlling of the personalised shopping area

You can monitor and control the personalised shopping area via the epoq Control Desk.

  • Configuration

    Via the tab “Configuration” you can see the different stream widgets in your personalised shopping area as well as the stored rules.

  • Key figures

    The “Key figures” tab gives you information about various KPIs of your personalised shopping area, such as click performance, conversion rate and conversion funnel.

  • Analysis

    In the “Analysis” tab, you can view the most popular stream widgets and the different stream strategies. Screenshots also show you how your stream widgets look live.

  • Features

    Within the framework of the “Features”, various possibilities are available to you, such as WHITELISTING, BLACKLISTING, COMBI CREATOR and theme worlds.

More info on the control desk

When the use of a personalised
shopping area is worthwhile for you

Basic functionality

You already run an online shop or similar and have ticked off all the basic functionalities and now want to optimise it.

Repeat purchases

Your online shop is suitable for repeat purchases.


You have regular traffic.

Content collection

You have a content collection, e.g. blog articles.

Want to create a natural customer loyalty effect?

Our personalised shopping area ensures repeat purchases in your online shop.

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