Reduce the returns through guided selling

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Did you know that…

  • 10%

    of online shoppers return fewer products because of an online product advisor? (Quelle: Econsultancy)

  • 83%

    of online shoppers need a product advisor while making a purchase? (Quelle: LivPerson)

  • 70%

    of Internet users are looking for advice and information? (Source: excentos)

Guided Selling - the little assistantfor goal-oriented decision-making

Don’t let your visitors drown in the vastness of your product range – simplify the purchasing decision for them. Help them meet their particular needs with a visual and interactive dialog, including filter functions and product comparisons. Lead them through the decision-making process and give them confidence in their product choice, which ultimately leads to a drop in the returns. How? Quite simply through epoq Advise – the intuitive product advisor.

Functionality of Guided Selling with epoq Advise
Functionality of Guided Selling

This is how it works:

    A visitor is looking for running shoes – offer them good advice directly as they enter the purchasing process with a prominent banner pointing to the running shoe advisor. Thus, uncertainty and frustration is avoided during the purchase process.The advisor is also optimized for direct use at the POS (tablet) or for mobile use.

    Graphically displayed filters capture the visitor’s product requirements and help them choose the correct product through a process of elimination. To help online shoppers in the filter selection, infoboxes can be integrated that explain the benefits of the product features. At the same time, information overload is minimized and specialized knowledge is provided in a simple way.

    Next to the suggested products, the customer can see at a glance which product features are a match and which are different. The most highly-recommended product is in first place and offers the best match with the customer’s requirements. Products can be compared with one another to help make a decision. The customer can therefore see at a glance which product attributes match and to what extent. It is also possible to set filters to further narrow down the product recommendation, e.g. according to the price.

    In order for the customer to buy the product, you can take them directly from the product finder to the product details page. There, the customer can get further information and add complementary products to the basket using relevant recommendations.

    Guided selling can also support the consultation on the spot. By using a tablet, the right product can be determined together with the customer. If an item is not available, the salesperson can directly check whether the item is in stock in another shop and order it. A consulting terminal next to the dressing room is also conceivable.


    „With the support of epoq’s Guided Selling solution, we were able to significantly increase the conversion rate in the area of luggage. In conjunction with the Recommendation Engine, this has become an indispensable part of“


    Thomas Hilus | Manager Digital Marketing | Miles & More GmbH

    Show competencein digital form as well

    In order to provide the best possible consulting services for the selected shop category, the consulting concept is an essential component of guided selling. The technical and industry knowledge as well as the sales psychological experiences of the shop owner are combined with our data science expertise and transferred into a sophisticated consulting concept. This provides the basis for the preparation of the product catalog to display the right product recommendations. Finally, the front-end for the product consultant is designed intuitively to enable the product to be confined in a simple manner. If this is the case, we develop the tailor-made code, which only has to be integrated into the online shop.

    A top-quality product advisor contains:


    The individual steps involved in selling a product are sketched out and the appropriate questions are formed.


    Product catalog, appropriate for the concept: Processed, cleaned & aggregated data as well as the generation and classification of missing product attributes.


    Display consulting knowledge in visual form: Using a unique visual language, the results list can be narrowed intuitively (filter function).


    The individual consulting concept is converted into a tailor-made code, which only has to be integrated into the shop.

    Enrichment of datathrough Guided Selling

    From a customer’s point of view, the standard attributes of a product catalog are often not sufficient to find the perfect product. We are able to elaborate and classify non-existent but important product attributes. For example: fit (loose, tight and wide) or optics (used, destroyed and monotonous) in jeans.

    Integration?There's nothing easier than that!

    Product catalog

    In order to set up Guided Selling, we first need your product catalog in XML or CSV format. We give you the tracking code for the connection to our platform, which you integrate into the shop.

    Tracking Code & Code Snippet

    You add our tracking code to your online shop to connect to our platform as well as a code snippet as placeholder for the frontend.


    The intuitive product advisor is configured in your test system until the optimal result is achieved.


    The intuitive product advisor is activated in the shop.

    Quality assurance

    We check the filter functions and the quality of results and carry out adaptations.

    Guided Sellingis suitable for you, if

    • your online shop or online product feed is running already and you want to optimize it
    • you are selling product categories that need to be explained properly to your customers in order to sell the right product
    • you want to offer qualitative advice to your customers as in stationary shops
    • you want to spare your customers phone calls and reading time

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