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Our e-commerce technology
is powered by a high-performance
AI engine

Our AI technology is powered by our AI engine, a network of intelligent algorithms that generates knowledge for your online shop from data. It uses data mining to recognise patterns and correlations in the data and machine learning, especially reinforcement learning, as an artificial intelligence process to deliver personalised content to each individual shop customer at various touchpoints in your digital commerce. With every click and purchase, the AI engine continues to develop in a self-learning manner and can thus constantly refine the 1:1 personalisation for your shop customers. This makes it possible to play out personalised content for each individual shop customer along the entire customer journey. This is the only way to create holistic shopping experiences that inspire your shop customers and increase your conversion rate.

Machine learning is the fuel of our AI engine

Machine learning is an artificial intelligence process that generates knowledge from experience. Our AI engine uses machine learning for the playout of personalised content. Based on a corresponding database, our AI engine can recognise patterns and regularities and make predictions for the personalised playout of content in your digital commerce. In order to make a prediction, regression trees are used that contain possible decisions for which the AI engine can decide, depending on the objective. Our AI engine learns from every click and purchase in your online shop and thus continues to develop in a self-learning manner. It thus generates artificial knowledge from the experiences in your digital trade. The knowledge gained can then be transferred to other shop customers.

Reinforcement Learning is the trainer of our AI engine

Reinforcement learning is a sub-area of machine learning and thus also a method of artificial intelligence. Reinforcement learning ensures that our AI engine continues to develop in a self-learning manner. It works in a similar way to instrumental conditioning, where, for example, a dog learns to retrieve a ball. In this case, the dog is an agent that perceives its environment. When a trainer throws a ball away, it can run after the ball and bring it back to the trainer, thus receiving a reward. Just like the dog, the AI engine must be able to perceive digital commerce and decide on an action, such as displaying a certain brand to a customer. If the customer buys the product, the AI engine receives a digital treat. This reward reinforces the AI engine’s behaviour. This means that if a similar customer is in the online shop later, it is more likely to behave in this way again. Learn more about reinforcement learning in our blog article.

The knowledge base is the heart
of our e-commerce technology

As part of our e-commerce technology, we generate a knowledge base for your online shop. To do this, we need a database consisting of your product catalogue, the click-and-buy behaviour of your shop customers and expert knowledge from you and us. Our AI engine processes this data into knowledge and uses it to make predictions about the purchasing behaviour of your shop customers (predictive analytics) and finally to play out personalised content along various touchpoints in real time.

Our AI technology uses the following database

Product Data

In order for our AI engine to build up product knowledge, your product catalogue is required. If important data is missing, the product catalogue is prepared by our experts.

Click-and-Buy Behaviour

To enable the AI engine to learn from the behaviour of the respective shop customer as well as from the entirety of all shop customers, the click-and-buy behaviour from your digital trade is recorded by means of a tracking code.

Expert Knowledge

You can incorporate your special shop and industry knowledge, which has been gathered over time in stationary retail as well as in the online shop. Our data scientists optimise all data with regard to consumer psychology and provide the AI engine with rules for analysing the data and recognising patterns.

The role of product data within our e-commerce technology

Your product data is the foundation for the full personalisation of your digital commerce. However, it also has a direct impact on the performance of your online shop. Therefore, it is important that your product data is complete and well maintained for your project. For example, do you want shop customers who eat a vegan diet to be recommended only vegan products? Then your product catalogue needs the attribute “vegan”. The best e-commerce technology can only play out what is contained in your product catalogue. That’s why our Data Scientists check your product catalogue and, if necessary, prepare your product catalogue.

The role of click-and-buy behaviour within our e-commerce technology

Click-and-buy behaviour also plays an essential role within the knowledge base. This is because it ensures the further development of our AI engine and the personalised playout of content. However, it is also important to separate the wheat from the chaff here. It has to be relevant data that is used for the generation of knowledge by our AI engine. “Smart data” must therefore be extracted from “big data”. This process is called data mining. Our data scientists take on this task. This enables our AI engine to recognise patterns and correlations that provide useful information for your digital trade. This extracted information is then processed by our AI engine into knowledge and applied to your online shop via predictions.

“Big Data is a kind of raw material that needs to be processed so that it can be refined into Smart Data and unleash its full economic potential”.

Stefan Jährlichen | FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik (Research Centre for Information Technology) and Head of Smart Data Accompanying Research

The role of expert knowledge within our AI technology

Our expert knowledge, built up over decades, is in every building block of our e-commerce technology, as mentioned earlier, in product data preparation, smart data extraction and the application of sales psychology insights. However, in order for our AI engine to learn and find solutions on its own, the prior action of our experts is necessary. Our data scientists therefore provide it with the appropriate algorithms and rule systems for analysing the data volume and recognising patterns, as well as with the right communication structure between the individual software services of our platform. This is crucial for the quality of the personalisation. Only in this way will your shop customers receive a high-performance display of personalised content at every touchpoint in your digital commerce. To keep our finger on the pulse, our data scientists are constantly developing our e-commerce technology. Find out more about our e-commerce data science.

Data protection is an important element of our AI technology

Our AI technology is data protection compliant

No personal data is collected as part of our AI technology. The identification features are made unrecognisable by a pseudonym. Furthermore, all data is hosted in Germany and is therefore subject to the German Data Protection Act.

Learn more about data protection

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