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About epoq internet services

With an AI-supported “1:1 Personalisation Experience Platform”, epoq internet services GmbH enables retailers and manufacturers to optimise a wide range of touchpoints in their digital commerce and provide 1:1 customer communication along the entire customer journey. This enables customer-specific orientation, advice and inspiration in the online shop and leads to a connection with the online customers. This results in shopping experiences and a sustainable increase in the conversion rate. The latest innovation, a hyper-personalised shopping area, offers customers additional entertainment in their individual product and brand world linked with relevant content. It leads to an increased repurchase rate and takes online shopping to a new level.

The latest press releases
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Press 06. Apr 2022

epoq Presents Control Desk Release 6.0

06. Apr 2022

With Control Desk Release 6.0, epoq improves the user experience of its monitoring and control tool.

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Press 15. Dec 2021

epoq Personalises the Customer Journey and Inspires the Shop Customers of the Traditional Company Görtz

15. Dec 2021

Görtz relies on a personalised customer journey in the online shop and inspires shop customers on the path to checkout.

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Press 16. Aug 2021

epoq Supports With its Guided Selling Software for Digital Advice on Prams and Pushchairs

16. Aug 2021

With the help of epoq’s Guided Selling Software, offers shop customers expert advice on everything to do with prams.

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Press 16. Aug 2021

Following Last Year’s Success, epoq Will be Hosting the “Personalisation Experience Day” in 2021 Again

16. Aug 2021

Following last year’s success, epoq is once again organising the Personalisation Experience Day 2021.

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Press 13. Jul 2021

ReboPharm improves the user experience of search function for veterinarians with epoq

13. Jul 2021

ReboPharm and epoq improve the intuitive user experience of the search function on with the personalisation aspect.

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Press 08. Jul 2021

Sendcloud and epoq Optimise Digital Returns Management Together

08. Jul 2021

Sendcloud and epoq are pooling their knowledge of returns and optimising digital returns management together.

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Press 14. Oct 2020

epoq and Y1 Intensify Their Partnership and Support Shop Operators With Customer Centricity

14. Oct 2020

As part of their partnership, epoq and Y1 support shop operators with customer centricity and focus on customer needs.

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Press 21. Sep 2020

epoq Provides Orientation and Reduces Effort For Online Shop Administration Through Intelligent Search at VAN GRAAF

21. Sep 2020

The integration of the intelligent search minimises the effort required for online shop administration in VAN GRAAF’s online shops.

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Press 10. Sep 2020

epoq Enhances the Search Functionality and Thereby Increases the Performance in the Online Shop of Peek&Cloppenburg* KG Hamburg

10. Sep 2020

By expanding the search functionality, epoq was able to significantly increase the performance of Peek&Cloppenburg Hamburg’s onsite search.

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Press 17. Aug 2020

epoq and Sendinblue Launch Partnership to Optimise Email Marketing KPIs

17. Aug 2020

epoq and Sendinblue deepen their partnership to optimise email marketing KPIs through personalisation and automation.

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Press 06. Aug 2020

epoq Hosts its First Online Conference, the “epoq Personalisation Experience Day”

06. Aug 2020

epoq brings together shop operators and industry experts for its online conference, the epoq Personalisation Experience Day, on 17 September 2020.

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Press 12. Jun 2020

epoq and dasistweb Deepen Their Partnership for Comprehensive E-commerce Know-how

12. Jun 2020

epoq and dasistweb work together to meet the needs of shop customers along the customer journey touchpoints.

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