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Did you know that…


of shop visitors unsubscribe from the email distribution list if it is not a personalised email? (Source: Email Vendor Selection)


of shop visitors want online shops to use their personal data to optimise the shopping experience? (Source: Monetate)


of customers know that their purchasing behaviour is documented to generate relevant information/offers? (Source: Monetate)


of customers agreed to receive more personalised messages than 5 years ago? (Source: e-tailment)

A personalised email builds
customer trust after the purchase

A personalised email is a newsletter or emailing with relevant content. This is played out in real time via product and content recommendations. As soon as an online shopper opens the personalised email, the appropriate content for this online shopper is calculated and displayed in milliseconds. The basis for this is provided by the customer’s clicking and buying behaviour in the online shop. The personalised email arouses the customer’s interest and increases traffic in the online shop. This is exactly what epoq Connect offers.


Connect with your customers and build customer trust. Your customers visit your online shop regularly, so let them hear from you too. Send personalised emails on different occasions, such as birthday, lifecycle, transactions, etc.


Also provide entertainment and thus ensure constant customer loyalty. Customers like to browse through their own product and brand world to discover new things. Start here with a personalised shopping area and keep your customers coming back to your online shop every day. Learn more


Inspire your customers as soon as they show a willingness to buy. They are now open to further buying impulses that complement or supplement their selected product. Relevant recommendations are particularly suitable for this. Learn more


Provide your customers with advice on product selection. Your customers have a need, but need help choosing the right item from the product range. An intuitive product advisor can help. Learn more


Offer your customers orientation in their product research. This way, they can quickly and easily get to the desired product detail page and find out more about a product. If you want to personalise this customer touchpoint, check out our intelligent search. Learn more

Personalisation is the key to
successful email marketing

The personalised email is located on a personalisation platform that is operated via an AI engine. This enables it to score points with your shop customers through relevant content in the emailing and newsletter. This is because exactly those contents are displayed that correspond to the personal preferences of your shop customer at that moment. For example, after a customer has bought a pair of “Tom Tailer” trousers in your online shop, you can use a follow-up e-mail to display matching T-shirts for these trousers and the click and purchase behaviour of each individual customer. This way, your e-mails are classified as relevant by your customers and do not end up in spam.

10x higher turnover in the online shop

“For Ex Libris, it’s not what we want to sell, but what inspires the customer. With the predictive analytics, we create an extremely high relevance at an unexpected time and thus a wow effect with the customer.”

Sebastian Clüver | Senior Project Manager e-commerce | Ex Libris AG

Personalisation via your
email marketing can
take place in stages

Before you start personalising, you first need to make sure that your recommendations are being delivered correctly in your emails, such as the right product category. Only then can you start with the personalisation. In the first stage, for example, you can already prioritise certain brands within a category. In the second stage, you have the option of displaying the products appropriately for certain customer segments and in the third stage, you can implement a complete 1:1 personalisation. You can define a personalisation strategy for your entire email marketing or carry out customer targeting within the scope of campaigns. Our AI technology makes it possible.

The most popular use cases
of the personalised e-mail

Play out relevant categories

Send each customer relevant content from their favourite category

Play out relevant topics

Play each customer’s preferred products on a theme

Use transactions

Set buying impulses in transactional emails

Play out dynamic pricing

Let individual prices appear on every email opening

Play out relevant categories

In addition to personalised newsletters that display relevant products for each customer, you can also focus on categories. This way, you send each customer products from their favourite categories that correspond to their click and purchase behaviour. For example, you can send emails with the teaser “Picked for you today” or “You might like this”.

  • Focus on categories
  • Each customer receives relevant products from their favourite categories
Play out relevant topics

The email is perfect for informing customers in a targeted manner about current trends and innovations. In this way, email content and product recommendations can be matched to the newsletter topic – quite simply through topic-related product selection via attributes.
Thematic product recommendations are automatically and personalised distributed – at the moment of opening. This ensures that the suggested products are also available – in the best case in the right size.
This is exactly how Görtz does it and informs its customers, as in this example, about current winter trends of the COX brand.

  • Informing customers about current trends and new products
  • Email content and product recommendations are coordinated with a theme
  • Simple, theme-related product selection via attributes
  • Feature: theme worlds
Use transactions

Whether it’s a welcome, birthday, cart abandonment or returns email, relevant recommendations inspire customers every time, especially in the right context. Therefore, use the opportunity to connect with your customers at every opportunity.

  • Different triggers (occasions) can be used
  • Emails are tailored to the context
Play out dynamic pricing

Especially in the travel industry, it is common for prices to change quickly. Here, the prices must always be kept up to date in order to also take into account later openings. This is implemented, for example, by our customer TUI. The prices are only displayed when the email is opened. And this is done in milliseconds, as well as with each new opening. This guarantees that the prices in the e-mails match the prices on the website.

  • Depending on the industry
  • Prices are not calculated but displayed
  • Played out again after each opening

The AI engine of our
personalisation platform

The personalised email is a component of our personalisation platform, which is operated via an AI engine, i.e. the personalised email works on the basis of artificial intelligence. Before the personalised email is used, we first generate a knowledge base with intelligent algorithms for your online shop. This is enriched with your product catalogue, the click and purchase behaviour of your shop customers and your and our expert knowledge. The intelligent algorithms link the data to knowledge and can thus play out the appropriate email content for your shop customers. Since the personalised email is located on our personalisation platform, which is designed for the entire customer journey of a shop customer, additional products can be activated for personalisation in your online shop (modular structure).

More info on our personalisation platform

These are the features that a
personalised e-mail should have


A reference to the online shop is established, e.g. via a shopping cart abandonment email.

Click and purchase behaviour

Knowledge about the recipient is used as the basis for the email.


Depending on the product, industry and occasion, a different strategy takes effect, e.g. cross-selling or bundle recommendations.


Recommendations are generated at the moment of opening. For example, availability and prices are checked.

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Case Studies

Higher click rate in the newsletter

19. Nov 2019

babymarkt.de increased the click rate in the newsletter by personalizing the category-based recommendations.

Case Studies

Increasing e-commerce sales

07. May 2018

Together with epoq, Ex Libris increases e-commerce turnover via personalized and automated e-mailings.

85% higher click-through rate in the category-based newsletter

“With epoq’s individual recommendations, we are able to offer a personal shopping experience to a large number of customers. Perfectly attuned to the current needs around children, we can thus position ourselves as a specialist retailer. In addition, together with epoq, we have already made numerous further developments which, thanks to our e-commerce experience and rapid growth, have brought us to the top of the European market for baby equipment. Just like the product recommendations for customers, epoq’s products are not off-the-shelf.”

Nils Macher | Head of Dialog Marketing | babymarkt.de GmbH

Tailoring is a must-have
of personalised e-mail

Data models

Depending on the occasion and the strategy, a different data model may be used.


Trigger rules are used to configure the email content according to the need for use, e.g. for reactivation, the lifecycle email, the returns email, etc.

Real-time parameters

Recommendations are generated in real time based on the customer history at the time of opening. Important parameters are screened, such as the availability of the products, the price up-to-dateness, etc.

This is how the integration
of the personalised e-mail works


Generation of a knowledge base

To generate the knowledge base, we need your product catalogue in XML or CSV format and the click and purchase behaviour of your shop customers. The latter is recorded via a tracking code in your online shop.


Setup in the e-mail dispatch system

You will receive a code snippet from us as a placeholder for the frontend. Then you integrate it into your email template. It doesn't matter which email delivery system you use.


Sending test emails

We need test emails from you so that we can check all the parameters for your personalised email.


Fine-tuning your personalised email

We make optimisations where necessary.


Playout of personalised e-mails

Your shop customers receive personalised e-mails.

epoq Control Desk

Monitoring and controlling of the personalised email

The epoq Control Desk provides you with extensive options for monitoring and controlling the personalised email.

  • Configuration

    The “Configuration” tab shows you at a glance all the email widgets you have created for your email marketing. You can also see which version is active, who last edited it and how many rules the email widget has. Clicking on the ‘Edit’ button takes you to the Rule Editor, where you can create, edit, prioritise or delete rules.

  • Key figures

    In the “Key figures” tab, various KPIs are displayed, such as the click performance, the conversion rate and the conversion funnel.

  • Features

    Various features are also available for your personalised e-mail, such as whitelisting, blacklisting, combi creator and theme worlds.

More info on the control desk

When the use of a personalised
e-mail is worthwhile for you

Email dispatch system

You use an email delivery system (e.g. Sendinblue, Inxmail, Optivo, CleverReach…).

Email openings

You have more than 5000 opened emails per month.

Range of products

Your range comprises more than 500 products.

Want to connect with your online shoppers after they’ve made a purchase?

Our personalised email will keep your customers coming back to the online shop.

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