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With the use of personalisation in your online marketing, your online shop becomes a digital specialist retailer

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of respondents in a survey want personalised information to be used to improve the shopping experience (Source: etailment)


of respondents in a study are willing to share their personal preferences with companies if it improves the shopping experience in the shop (Source: etailment)


of online shoppers believe that shops with a personalised shopping experience offer a valuable service? (Source: etailment)


of online shoppers believe that it is easier to find interesting products in personalised online shops (Source: etailment)


of retailers experience positive effects after personalising their online shops? (Source: etailment)

Personalisation in your
online marketing enables
1:1 communication with customers

Personalisation in the online marketing of your digital trade creates a 1:1 communication between the touchpoints (interaction points) and your shop customers. Personalisation allows you to respond to the different needs of your customers in every phase of the customer journey, just like a salesperson in a brick-and-mortar store. You can personalise completely or take a modular approach. In addition, you can also use personalisation for customer targeting within the framework of campaigns. In any case, personalisation in your online marketing creates shopping experiences that increase your conversion rate.


Connect with your customers and build customer trust. Your customers visit your online shop regularly, so let them hear from you too. Send personalised emails on different occasions, such as birthday, lifecycle, transactions, etc. Learn more


Also provide entertainment and thus ensure constant customer loyalty. Customers like to browse through their own product and brand world to discover new things. Start here with a personalised shopping area and keep your customers coming back to your online shop every day. Learn more


Inspire your customers as soon as they show a willingness to buy. They are now open to further buying impulses that complement or supplement their selected product. Relevant recommendations are particularly suitable for this. Learn more


Provide your customers with advice on product selection. Your customers have a need, but need help choosing the right item from the product range. An intuitive product advisor can help. Learn more


Offer your customers orientation in their product research. This way, they can quickly and easily get to the desired product detail page and find out more about a product. If you want to personalise this customer touchpoint, check out our intelligent search. Learn more

The most popular use cases of
personalisation in Online Marketing

Show additional products in the shopping cart layer

Inspire your customers with the click on the shopping cart button

Compile and offer a product set

Offer your customers the right total package

Avoid zero-hit pages

Don’t let negative emotions arise and keep your customers in the shop

Include preferences in product selection

Find not only the right product but the most relevant one for your customers

Add favourite categories to the newsletter

Send customers content on their favourite categories

Show additional products in the shopping cart layer

Once an online shopper has decided on a product, you can inspire them with additional products when they click on the shopping cart button. The relevant recommendations are calculated and displayed in milliseconds. This increases your shopping basket value and turnover. Would you like to test relevant recommendations in the shopping basket layer? Then take a look at our test option via the cart layer widget.

Compile and offer a product set

Your online shoppers are shown the matching product set for their favourite item. This can be the last product they bought, the one they remembered or the one they moved to the shopping basket. Once your online shopper has selected their product set, they can buy it directly or save it for later. Editing, deleting or moving the product set is therefore possible at any time.

Avoid zero-hit pages

Zero-hit pages lead to negative emotions that can cause customers to leave the online shop. Often there are typing errors behind it or the searcher is in the dark. Automatic error tolerance, autosuggest and auto-complete efficiently guide the visitor to the right product and improve usability at the same time. How? By generating a search result list that, in addition to the correct product category, also displays the most relevant products according to the click and purchase behaviour of each individual customer.

  • Negative emotions are avoided
  • Customers stay in the online shop
  • User experience is improved
  • Relevant search results are displayed
  • Software service: Intelligent search
  • Features in use: Error tolerance and autosuggest
Include preferences in product selection

Whether you conduct the needs assessment digitally for products that require explanation or for self-explanatory products, the respective preferences should be taken into account. The results list after each consultation step should only contain relevant products until the perfect product is selected.

Add favourite categories to the newsletter

In addition to personalised newsletters that display relevant products for each customer, you can also focus on categories. This way, you send each customer products from their favourite categories that correspond to their click and purchase behaviour. For example, you can send emails with the teaser “Picked for you today” or “You might like this”.

Personalisation is an important component for digital development

“We always act on the pulse of time with high innovative strength. That’s why personalisation is an important building block for us to drive digital development. We are convinced that with epoq’s personalisation we can drive digital development and thus offer our customers a more individual shopping process.”

Lutz Danhof | Head of E-Commerce | Fackelmann GmbH + Co. KG

These are our success factors for
personalisation in online marketing


Through full personalisation, which includes all touchpoints along the customer journey, we prevent a shop customer from taking away a negative shopping experience between the purchase idea and the conclusion of the purchase. That is why our individual software services are located on our AI-based personalisation platform.

Personalisation strategy

We use a different personalisation strategy depending on the shop or industry. The shop page on which personalisation measures are used or the customer journey phase in which the shop customer is located also play an important role.

Knowledge base

Every data silo hinders the success of the entire personalisation strategy. However, this also means that the most effective data management possible is needed to create a knowledge base. To achieve this, we collect all relevant data across all touchpoints and different systems without barriers and link them together.

Artificial intelligence

Without the use of AI, the level of personalisation we already achieve today would no longer be possible. By using our self-learning algorithms (reinforcement learning) in our knowledge base, which act like a digital salesperson, predictions can be made about buying behaviour. In this way, each individual customer is served better and better and more individually.

Configuration & Tailoring

Personalisation must also be adapted to each individual online shop. Because every shop has different products, different customers and thus also different requirements. Therefore, a solution must always be able to be adapted to the needs of a shop operator. When using innovative shop technologies, it is always important that each solution also harmonises with the shop structure, but also with the type of product range. In many cases, this requires a certain degree of customisation, which we apply.

Monitoring & controlling

Regular analyses and evaluations are crucial for the success of company-specific campaigns and for deriving suitable optimisation measures. Both quantitative and qualitative analyses are used here, which complement each other and provide a clear picture of what is happening in the online shop. We offer you these possibilities within the scope of personalisation.

The AI engine of our
personalisation platform
makes it possible

The personalisation software we develop sits on a personalisation platform that is operated via an AI engine, i.e. the personalisation works on the basis of artificial intelligence. Before the personalisation is used, we first generate a knowledge base with intelligent algorithms for your online shop. This is enriched with your product catalogue, the click and purchase behaviour of your shop customers and your and our expert knowledge. The intelligent algorithms link the data to knowledge and can thus build up a 1:1 communication in your online shop along the customer journey. Since everything is on a personalisation platform that is designed for the entire customer journey of a shop customer, all touchpoints along the customer journey can be personalised or the personalisation can be activated modularly for different touchpoints. Learn more about our AI technology.

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Following last year’s success, epoq is once again organising the Personalisation Experience Day 2021.

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21. Sep 2020

The integration of the intelligent search minimises the effort required for online shop administration in VAN GRAAF’s online shops.

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18. Aug 2020

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Steps to the full personalisation of your online shop

Before you start using personalisation in your online marketing, you should look at the different levels of personalisation. Whether you want to personalise along the customer journey or as part of customer targeting for specific campaigns. The depth of personalisation varies and depends on the status quo of your online shop, your desired personalisation strategy and the respective customer touchpoint. But: As soon as you start with personalisation, you also start building up the AI-supported knowledge base, which will become increasingly larger and offer you an ever wider range of possibilities.

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Personalisation creates a perfect customer experience

“Our quality standards do not end with the production of spices and spice blends; they extend to all areas of the company, including our online shop. We want to offer our customers a consistently perfect customer experience – in taste, but also in e-commerce. That’s why we focus on personalisation, among other things.”

Robin Haas | Teamleiter Marketing | Ankerkraut GmbH

A few success stories,
that we would like to share with you

Case Studies

Higher click rate in the newsletter

19. Nov 2019

babymarkt.de increased the click rate in the newsletter by personalizing the category-based recommendations.

Case Studies

Revenue increase through a new Search Function in the Online Shop

15. Nov 2018

Villeroy & Boch increased online shop revenue by 20% with epoq Search.

Case Studies

Personalization strategy to the test

23. Sep 2019

Outletcity increased revenue per session by 5.04% with a new personalization strategy.

Case Studies

Increase turnover in online shop by using an intelligent search

10. Aug 2018

notebooksbilliger.de increased turnover in online shop by prioritizing the price parameter for epoq Search.

Case Studies

Comparing Recommendation Engine Providers

15. May 2018

Baumarkt direkt carried out an A/B test with its previous recommendation engine provider and epoq Inspire.

Case Studies

Increasing e-commerce sales

07. May 2018

Together with epoq, Ex Libris increases e-commerce turnover via personalized and automated e-mailings.

Case Studies

Internetstores: Recommendation Engine leads to higher turnover

14. Jun 2017

The combination of online retailer know-how and recommendation engine is an effective way to raise your shop’s turnover. fahrrad.de shows how it’s done.

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