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Our Customer Success is your content contact in matters of personalisation

Our Customer Success supports you in optimising personalisation in live operation. This involves monitoring and controlling personalisation via the backend. For this purpose, you will be assigned your own personal Customer Success Manager, who will be available to answer any questions you may have. There are two options for increasing your personalisation success: Self Service and Managed Service.

Our Customer Success offers you these two options

Managed Service

As part of our Managed Service, we support you in the maintenance and use of the epoq Control Desk in your daily business. Within a fixed monthly hourly package, we carry out optimisations agreed with you, such as the analysis and optimisation of zero-hit searches, the creation and management of blacklists and whitelists, and much more.

Self Service

In Self Service you can choose between different Self Service modules and expand your personalisation know-how. All modules are individually adapted to your online shop and the services used.

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You can request these modules as part of Self Service

Analysis status quo


We analyse the status quo of the epoq services in your shop and assess the performance of the services. Based on the analysis, we give you individual recommendations for optimising your services.

Use backend

Web training

Within the scope of a web training, we will guide you step by step through the epoq Control Desk and show you which features you can use to customise and optimise the services.

Deployment services


We support you in the conception of a holistic personalisation strategy and show you how you can implement your use cases with the epoq services. We would be happy to visit you on site or welcome you to our offices.

Test strategies


You want to test different strategies against each other? We would be happy to do this for you by setting up and monitoring an A/B test and then discussing the results with you.

Are you interested in a Self Service module?

Then please ask us for the Self Service you require.

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