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Coronavirus: We continue to work for you from the home office as usual

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Increase Website Traffic and Engagement Using Transactional Emails

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6 Components of Effective Personalization Software

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Coronavirus: We continue to work for you from the home office as usual

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Increase Website Traffic and Engagement Using Transactional Emails

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6 Components of Effective Personalization Software

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1:1 personalisation in e-commerce
creates shopping experiences and
an increased conversion rate

Personalisation in e-commerce creates shopping experiences and that makes the difference – because positive, emotional experiences remain in the memory of customers and strengthen customer loyalty. This is reflected in an increased conversion rate. That’s why we fully personalise along the customer journey of your customers. Because if your customers are enthusiastic, you will be too. To do this, we use artificial intelligence methods that allow you to personalise at various levels up to 1:1 personalisation. Personalise your entire digital commerce or use our AI technology for customer targeting within specific campaigns.

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Success stories on personalisation in e-commerce

Case Studies

Higher click rate in the newsletter

19. Nov 2019 increased the click rate in the newsletter by personalizing the category-based recommendations.

Case Studies

Personalization strategy to the test

23. Sep 2019

Outletcity increased revenue per session by 5.04% with a new personalization strategy.

Case Studies

Revenue increase through a new Search Function in the Online Shop

15. Nov 2018

Villeroy & Boch increased online shop revenue by 20% with epoq Search.

Case Studies

Increase turnover in online shop by using an intelligent search

10. Aug 2018 increased turnover in online shop by prioritizing the price parameter for epoq Search.

Case Studies

Comparing Recommendation Engine Providers

15. May 2018

Baumarkt direkt carried out an A/B test with its previous recommendation engine provider and epoq Inspire.

Case Studies

Increasing e-commerce sales

07. May 2018

Together with epoq, Ex Libris increases e-commerce turnover via personalized and automated e-mailings.

Case Studies

Internetstores: Recommendation Engine leads to higher turnover

14. Jun 2017

The combination of online retailer know-how and recommendation engine is an effective way to raise your shop’s turnover. shows how it’s done.

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Use personalisation along the
the customer journey of your
digital commerce

Many roads lead to Rome. Where do you want to start to personalise and increase your conversion rate? Take a look at the different stages of the customer journey and how you can target the needs of your customers.


Connect with your customers and build customer trust. Your customers visit your online shop regularly, so let them hear from you too. Send personalised emails on different occasions, such as birthday, lifecycle, transactions, etc.
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Also provide entertainment and thus ensure constant customer loyalty. Customers like to browse through their own product and brand world to discover new things. Start here with a personalised shopping area and keep your customers coming back to your online shop every day.
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Inspire your customers as soon as they show a willingness to buy. They are now open to further buying impulses that complement or supplement their selected product. Relevant recommendations are particularly suitable for this.
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Advise | Browse

Provide your customers with advice on product selection. Your customers have a need, but need help choosing the right item from the product range. An intuitive product advisor can help.
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Search | Categorise

Offer your customers orientation in their product research. This way, they can quickly and easily get to the desired product detail page and find out more about a product. If you want to personalise this customer touchpoint, check out our intelligent search.
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Customer targeting within the
framework of campaigns

You have the possibility to use customer targeting in campaigns based on different levels of personalisation. Optimise your touchpoints and start with campaigns for specific brands, for example. Does that come easily to you? Then start creating customer segments for specific sales promotions or give certain customers a voucher for shipping. That’s not enough for you? Then put the icing on the cake and play out products and content taking into account the respective context as well as the individual preferences of your customers. For example, you can play reduced articles for your “bargain hunters” from the high-priced segment. In this case, they should also be displayed in their favourite colour, for example. You can design and implement your campaigns individually according to your wishes.

These customers already rely on
personalisation in e-commerce

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Personalisation in e-commerce
based on our AI-supported technology

Our e-commerce technology is powered by a high-performance AI engine

Our e-commerce technology is powered by our AI engine, a network of intelligent algorithms. It uses artificial intelligence methods (machine learning and reinforcement learning) to deliver personalised content to each individual shop customer at various touchpoints in your digital commerce. Through every click and purchase, the AI engine continues to develop in a self-learning manner and can thus constantly refine the 1:1 communication with your shop customers. This makes it possible to play out personalised content for each individual shop customer along the entire customer journey. This is the only way to create holistic shopping experiences that inspire your shop customers and increase your conversion rate.

Use of machine learning for decision-making

Use of reinforcement learning for self-learning further development

Avoiding data silos through a knowledge base

epoq Control Desk

Monitoring and controlling personalisation for online shops

The personal backend area for controlling your customised personalisation strategy. Influence click-through, sales and conversion rates. Identify trends and potentials.

  • Configuration

    The settings for your software services can be accessed via the configuration. The settings discussed with you are initially created.

  • Key figures

    The key figures are available for the quantitative analysis of your software services. The data is visualised in charts and tables. For example, you can look at the click and turnover rates.

  • Analysis

    The analysis stands for the qualitative evaluation of your software services. You have the possibility to draw conclusions from the performance and derive measures from it. For example, you can display the most frequent search terms or zero-hit search terms.

  • Features

    If you see a need for action in the analysis area, you can implement the corresponding settings in the features, such as in the theme worlds or in whitelisting.

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Why you should personalise with us

We meet the needs of your customers

That’s what our personalisation is made for. Because we respond individually to every customer, in every phase of the customer journey.

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We create unique items and not off-the-shelf goods

Your online shop is as individual as your customers. We do justice to this with our e-commerce technology.

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We develop our software with heart and soul

Because software development is our passion and personalisation is our core competence.

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The latest company news

Press 06. Apr 2022

epoq Presents Control Desk Release 6.0

06. Apr 2022

With Control Desk Release 6.0, epoq improves the user experience of its monitoring and control tool.

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Press 15. Dec 2021

epoq Personalises the Customer Journey and Inspires the Shop Customers of the Traditional Company Görtz

15. Dec 2021

Görtz relies on a personalised customer journey in the online shop and inspires shop customers on the path to checkout.

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Press 16. Aug 2021

epoq Supports With its Guided Selling Software for Digital Advice on Prams and Pushchairs

16. Aug 2021

With the help of epoq’s Guided Selling Software, offers shop customers expert advice on everything to do with prams.

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Press 16. Aug 2021

Following Last Year’s Success, epoq Will be Hosting the “Personalisation Experience Day” in 2021 Again

16. Aug 2021

Following last year’s success, epoq is once again organising the Personalisation Experience Day 2021.

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Press 13. Jul 2021

ReboPharm improves the user experience of search function for veterinarians with epoq

13. Jul 2021

ReboPharm and epoq improve the intuitive user experience of the search function on with the personalisation aspect.

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Press 08. Jul 2021

Sendcloud and epoq Optimise Digital Returns Management Together

08. Jul 2021

Sendcloud and epoq are pooling their knowledge of returns and optimising digital returns management together.

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Press 14. Oct 2020

epoq and Y1 Intensify Their Partnership and Support Shop Operators With Customer Centricity

14. Oct 2020

As part of their partnership, epoq and Y1 support shop operators with customer centricity and focus on customer needs.

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Press 21. Sep 2020

epoq Provides Orientation and Reduces Effort For Online Shop Administration Through Intelligent Search at VAN GRAAF

21. Sep 2020

The integration of the intelligent search minimises the effort required for online shop administration in VAN GRAAF’s online shops.

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Press 10. Sep 2020

epoq Enhances the Search Functionality and Thereby Increases the Performance in the Online Shop of Peek&Cloppenburg* KG Hamburg

10. Sep 2020

By expanding the search functionality, epoq was able to significantly increase the performance of Peek&Cloppenburg Hamburg’s onsite search.

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Press 17. Aug 2020

epoq and Sendinblue Launch Partnership to Optimise Email Marketing KPIs

17. Aug 2020

epoq and Sendinblue deepen their partnership to optimise email marketing KPIs through personalisation and automation.

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