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What we do and why we do it

We develop customised software services made in Germany for personalisation in e-commerce. By doing so, we want to create inspiring shopping experiences in digital commerce for every customer. To this end, we provide shop operators with our software suite of modular, individually configurable and artificial intelligence-based services. These enable a fully comprehensive 1:1 personalisation along the customer journey of each customer. If the customer is satisfied, the shop operator will be too, which is reflected in increased conversion rates, higher sales and sustainable customer loyalty.

By the way: The acquisition of epoq by AB Tasty, a fast-growing global experience optimization company, will create a new best-in-class offering for relevant customer experiences along the customer journey based on our 1:1 personalisation.

What’s going on and what’s new


epoq Presents Control Desk Release 6.0

06. Apr 2022

With Control Desk Release 6.0, epoq improves the user experience of its monitoring and control tool.

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epoq Personalises the Customer Journey and Inspires the Shop Customers of the Traditional Company Görtz

15. Dec 2021

Görtz relies on a personalised customer journey in the online shop and inspires shop customers on the path to checkout.

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epoq Supports babymarkt.de With its Guided Selling Software for Digital Advice on Prams and Pushchairs

16. Aug 2021

With the help of epoq’s Guided Selling Software, babymarkt.de offers shop customers expert advice on everything to do with prams.

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Following Last Year’s Success, epoq Will be Hosting the “Personalisation Experience Day” in 2021 Again

16. Aug 2021

Following last year’s success, epoq is once again organising the Personalisation Experience Day 2021.

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ReboPharm improves the user experience of search function for veterinarians with epoq

13. Jul 2021

ReboPharm and epoq improve the intuitive user experience of the search function on ReboPharm24.de with the personalisation aspect.

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Sendcloud and epoq Optimise Digital Returns Management Together

08. Jul 2021

Sendcloud and epoq are pooling their knowledge of returns and optimising digital returns management together.

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epoq and Y1 Intensify Their Partnership and Support Shop Operators With Customer Centricity

14. Oct 2020

As part of their partnership, epoq and Y1 support shop operators with customer centricity and focus on customer needs.

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epoq Provides Orientation and Reduces Effort For Online Shop Administration Through Intelligent Search at VAN GRAAF

21. Sep 2020

The integration of the intelligent search minimises the effort required for online shop administration in VAN GRAAF’s online shops.

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epoq Enhances the Search Functionality and Thereby Increases the Performance in the Online Shop of Peek&Cloppenburg* KG Hamburg

10. Sep 2020

By expanding the search functionality, epoq was able to significantly increase the performance of Peek&Cloppenburg Hamburg’s onsite search.

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epoq and Sendinblue Launch Partnership to Optimise Email Marketing KPIs

17. Aug 2020

epoq and Sendinblue deepen their partnership to optimise email marketing KPIs through personalisation and automation.

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How we intend to reach our goal

We address the respective needs of customers in each customer journey phase during software development. We want to leave no customer wishes unfulfilled and create moments of enthusiasm.


We create a connection for shop operators to their customers and further build customer trust. If customers visit the online shop regularly, shop operators should also let you hear from them. By sending personalised e-mails on various occasions, such as birthdays, lifecycles, transactions, etc. Learn more


We also provide entertainment and thus ensure constant customer loyalty. Customers like to browse through their own product and brand world to discover new things. This is where a personalised shopping area can keep customers coming back to the online shop every day. Learn more


We inspire customers as soon as they show a willingness to buy once they are open for further buying impulses that complete or supplement their selected product. Relevant recommendations are particularly suitable for this. Learn more


We provide online shoppers with advice on product selection. Because online shoppers often know which product they want, but need support to select the right item from the respective product range. This is where our digital product advisor comes in. Learn more


We offer online shoppers guidance in their product research. This way, they can quickly and easily get to the desired product detail page and find out more about a product. How? Via our intelligent search. Learn more

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Who we are and what we believe in

We are a team of positively crazy software geeks. We believe in the strong collective. We seek exchange and are always open to new ideas. We advise at eye level and offer exactly the personalisation that makes you a fan of your own online shop. Measurable success comes quite automatically as a result.

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How we think and operate


We put ourselves in the customers’ shoes and work together on a strategy – and we do it humanely and fairly.


We do not stand still – we look to the future. We are constantly developing and are open to new ideas. This is how we develop future-proof software.


Through our advice, open manner and collegial internal cooperation, we want to turn even more customers into friends.

With heart and soul

Software development is our passion. We are enthusiastic about new things, are always looking for something special and are only satisfied when the shop operator and their customers are thrilled.

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From dynamic scoring to full personalisation


epoq joins AB Tasty

AB Tasty, the high-growth global experience optimization company, acquires epoq internet services, the software provider and expert in AI-powered 1:1 personalization for e-commerce. The acquisition accelerates both companies’ shared vision to create relevant and engaging shopping experiences along the customer journey using an optimization platform and to provide a best-in-class experience optimization offering.


Control Desk 6.0

With the new generation of the Control Desk, the services for shop managers become even easier to use and A/B tests easier to implement.


epoq Stream – Personalised landing page

The new generation of the service for 1:1 personalised landing pages also enables the refinement of existing pages (homepage, landing page, etc…). In addition to elements with products, elements with banners, logos, category teasers, content, or even shopping videos can be displayed personalised to the individual customer.


Customer targeting for campaigns

Since campaigns within online shops are often implemented on customer segments, epoq simplifies the process of customer segmentation based on the knowledge base. In this way, customers in the online shop can be presented with suggestions that are optimized twice: Target group specific (“segment”) and additionally according to the personal preferences of the customers (“1 :1”). With the help of A/B tests that can be set in the control desk, these processes can also be optimised optimally for the individual retailer.


Personalised Shopping Area

With our personalised shopping area, epoq Stream, we address the digital customer need for entertainment for each individual customer and enable shop operators to build a natural customer loyalty effect. Customers return to the online shop of their own accord to browse through their own product and brand world. This increases the repurchase rate.


Holistic personalisation via our Suite

With the use of our Suite, an online retailer can from now on personalise their shop holistically and thereby create a unique customer experience.


Control Desk

We introduce Control Desk, the new customer login. This gives our customers the possibility to control and administer all services with the help of one tool.


Guided Selling

In order to transfer the advice available in real-world stores into the online shop, Guided Selling was developed. This enabled digital retailers to support their customers in purchasing those products where more information and explanation is needed.


Unique Newsletter

Unique Newsletter was developed to strengthen communication with customers through individualized emails, and to encourage them to return to the shop.


The Conversion Company

The new slogan encompassed what we achieved: the optimization of conversion in e-commerce. Businesses in various industries and of various sizes trust our conversion expertise.



We increased the usability of online shops with the introduction of epoq Search, the intelligent search function. Customers gained the ability to navigate quickly to their desired product.


Customer Login

At the same time of starting withe Recommendation Service, we built a Customer Login to keep our customers in terms of success up-to-date.


Recommendation Service

We transferred our subject knowledge to e-commerce and introduced the Recommendation Service. This controls targeted, relevant recommendations within an online shop and therefore increases its turnover.


Services for Dynamic Scoring

Development was resumed on our recommendation software for call centers and service providers. The products ready Outbound and ready Inbound led to above-average hit rates, and impressed customers like Quelle, Arcor and PSD Bank.


Ready Realtime Dynamic

Our technology revolutionized customer analysis in the field of telephone marketing with predicted product suggestions.



We started the development of self-learning technologies for dynamic scoring.

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