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Software development with empathy, care, friendship, and commitment

  • 10+

    years of expertise with data science in e-commerce.

  • 30+

    software geeks make up our team.

  • 100%

    owner-operated and independent German business.

  • 400+

    online shops in various industries are integrated with our software.

  • 30+

    countries benefit from our language-independent services.

  • 100%

    Data Protection

What we do andwhy we do it

We develop customized software in Germany to personalize the digital retail environment. Through our advanced technology, we create exciting digital shopping experiences for every single customer.

How we intend toreach our goal

We satisfy our customers’ every wish – and we also create moments of inspiration. We completely personalize the whole digital customer journey and therefore optimize the customer experience in the shop. It is only through this that exciting shopping experiences are born.

Who we are andwhat we believe in

We are a team of crazy software geeks. We believe that our strength is as a group. We enjoy interaction and are always open to new ideas.

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How we thinkand operate

We advise you as an equal and offer you exactly the sort of personalization that made you a fan of your own shop. This means that measurable success comes as a matter of course. And so, we are:


We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and work collaboratively with them on a strategy – one that is human and fair.


Everything we do, we do properly. A valuable relationship built on trust can only be achieved through working together collaboratively and reliably.


Through our advice, open nature and relaxed working atmosphere, we aim to turn even more customers into friends.


Our job is our passion, whether for our customers or just among ourselves. We are keen on new things, we are always looking to do something special and we are only satisfied when the retailer and their customers are happy.

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From dynamic scoring tocomplete personalization

Over the years we have developed from successful software developers into specialists in complete digital personalization for e-commerce.



By implementing our software suite, an online retailer can completely personalize their shop from that point onwards and therefore create a unique customer experience.


Control Desk

We have introduced the Control Desk – our new Customer Login. We give our customers the opportunity to control all the services by means of one tool.


Guided Selling

In order to transfer the advice available in real-world stores into the online shop, Guided Selling was developed. This enabled digital retailers to support their customers in purchasing those products where more information and explanation is needed.


Unique Newsletter

Unique Newsletter was developed to strengthen communication with customers through individualized emails, and to encourage them to return to the shop.


The Conversion Company

The new slogan encompassed what we achieved: the optimization of conversion in e-commerce. Businesses in various industries and of various sizes trust our conversion expertise.



We increased the usability of online shops with the introduction of epoq Search, the intelligent search function. Customers gained the ability to navigate quickly to their desired product.


Customer Login

At the same time of starting withe Recommendation Service, we built a Customer Login to keep our customers in terms of success up-to-date.


Recommendation Service

We transferred our subject knowledge to e-commerce and introduced the Recommendation Service. This controls targeted, relevant recommendations within an online shop and therefore increases its turnover.


Services for Dynamic Scoring

Development was resumed on our recommendation software for call centers and service providers. The products ready Outbound and ready Inbound led to above-average hit rates, and impressed customers like Quelle, Arcor and PSD Bank.


Ready Realtime Dynamic

Our technology revolutionized customer analysis in the field of telephone marketing with predicted product suggestions.



We started the development of self-learning technologies for dynamic scoring.

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