epoq Enhances the Search Functionality and Thereby Increases the Performance in the Online Shop of Peek&Cloppenburg* KG Hamburg

10. Sep 2020 | Tatiana Solarte 0:00

Ettlingen, 10 September 2020 - epoq internet services GmbH, the expert for online shop personalisation, was able to significantly increase the performance of Peek&Cloppenburg* Hamburg's Onsite Search by expanding the search functionality. In the period from 13 November 2019 to 11 March 2020, the number of orders placed via the search function at www.peek-und-cloppenburg.de increased by 29% and the average order value of the Onsite Search increased by 10%.

Fashion discovery journeys make their way into the online shop and boost performance

As a brand specialist bietet Peek&Cloppenburg*, a traditional company from Hamburg, offers quality, variety and fashion know-how from a single source. Peek&Cloppenburg* Hamburg accompanies customers in modern architecture on their fashion journey of discovery, on which they should feel comfortable. However, this journey should not end in the fashion stores, but should also be continued in the online shop. That’s why Peek&Cloppenburg* wants to live up to this high-quality standard digitally as well and thus increase the performance in the online shop – all with the support of epoq internet services, the expert for online shop personalisation. Since 2012, the fashion company Peek&Cloppenburg* has operated an online shop together with its subsidiary VAN GRAAF and has thus evolved into an omnichannel fashion house.

The intelligent search offers orientation and guides customers to the desired product

To remain successful online, the site’s architecture and usability must always be tested. For this reason, Peek&Cloppenburg* Hamburg commissioned epoq to connect the intelligent epoq Search to the existing shop system and to expand the search functionality. Thanks to the intelligent search and the conversion of the categories in the product catalogue carried out by epoq, shop visitors can find the desired products quickly and easily. For example, the right clothing is offered despite spelling mistakes and a multi-faceted filter function keeps the customer on the page until the purchase decision is made.

Of course, an intelligent search also offers other functions, such as product sorting or redirects to specific landing pages. However, the epoq Search algorithm must work quickly and reliably on the existing product catalogue. This has a positive effect on performance and also leads to a minimisation of administrative effort. This is also confirmed by Online Product Manager Christin Augustin: “By integrating epoq Search, we were not only able to optimise the search experience for our customer, but also significantly reduce the maintenance effort.”

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Press contact

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About Peek&Cloppenburg* Hamburg

The Peek&Cloppenburg* KG Hamburg group of companies is one of the leading fashion companies known for its outstanding expertise and sense of style. From high-quality basics to designer collections and young trend labels – as a brand specialist, Peek&Cloppenburg* offers quality, variety and fashion know-how from a single source. The company currently has 24 locations in Germany and has been well established internationally with its VAN GRAAF retail concept since 2001, with 16 stores in five European countries.

About epoq internet services

epoq internet services GmbH provides its customers with a unique software suite for the holistic personalisation of digital commerce. With modular, customised services based on artificial intelligence, epoq creates unique shopping experiences along the entire customer journey. The online shoppers receive orientation, advice and inspiration when online shopping. After the purchase, they are provided with relevant shopping news in real time in their personal shopping area, prompting them to visit the online shops daily. In addition, online shoppers are kept up to date with personalised e-mails and thus stay in touch with the online shop.

* There are two independent companies Peek&Cloppenburg with their headquarters in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. The shop mentioned belongs to the Peek&Cloppenburg KG group of companies in Hamburg, whose locations can be found here.

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