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Our Customer Service is your technical contact for personalisation issues

Our Customer Service supports you in integrating personalisation into your digital commerce. This includes the integration of booked services or use cases as part of onboarding, but also integration as part of customisations that are to be implemented after going live. You will be assigned your own personal contact person whom you can contact with technical questions. We attach great importance to short response times.

Fields of activity of our Customer Service


Our Customer Service supports you with the integration of the personalisation.


You have an idea for your online shop that you would like to implement technically? Our Customer Service will support you.

Technical questions

No matter what technical question you have, our Customer Service has an open ear for you.

Here’s how the integration of personalisation works as part of onboarding


Generation of a knowledge base

Our Customer Service initiates the generation of the knowledge base for your online shop. This requires your product catalogue and the integration of the tracking code into your online shop in order to record the click and purchase behaviour of your shop customers. The product catalogue is not always suitably prepared. Our Customer Service initiates appropriate measures for the product data preparation.


Setup in the test system

Before the integration into your test system begins, our Customer Service takes your design ideas and the desired CSS animation and implements them. Afterwards, you will receive a div element as a placeholder for the personalised playout of the content, which you integrate in the intended location in your online shop. Company-specific rules are created by our Customer Service in the backend.


Activation in the live system

When the setup is complete and everything is mapped in the test system according to your wishes, the activation for your live system can take place. For this purpose, all settings are transferred to the live system. Our Customer Service is always available to help you with technical questions.


Fine tuning in the live system

After activation in the live system, our Customer Service carries out quality assurance. Design, functionality, and settings are checked and fine-tuned if necessary. This is followed by training via the backend for monitoring and controlling personalisation.


Playing out the personalisation

Now it's time. The personalised content is played out via the desired touchpoint in your online store and the knowledge base is increased. The AI engine gets to know your store customers better with every click and purchase and optimises the 1:1 communication independently.

Here’s how integration works in the context of customising



Our Customer Service takes your requirements for customising. Example: Geotargeting is to be integrated into the online shop so that customers are informed about the availability of products in nearby bricks-and-mortar stores.



Now your technical circumstances are checked by our Customer Service with regard to the desired goal. If the feasibility is given, the process is continued. Example: For geotargeting, a query of the inventory is necessary. If the collection and transmission is possible, the project can be carried out.


Data basis

Now the question arises in which form the data is available in the product catalogue? It may still have to be prepared. This is checked by our Customer Service in this step and forwarded to our Development department. Example: For geotargeting, a list of stores and stock levels is required. Depending on how the data is submitted, the product catalogue may need to be prepared in order to use the data.


Layout, design and functionality

Our Customer Service takes your wishes regarding functionality, layout and design and passes them on to our development team. Example: The availability notice in the store around the corner should be displayed in the recommendation widgets in a green box with a wiggle animation.



Finally, the customising is implemented and made available for your online shop. Example: The geotargeting is implemented by our development and provided for the online shop.

You have a customising you want to implement?

Contact us and let us know your requirements.

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Personalisation can be integrated into any shop system

Personalisation can be integrated into any email system

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