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Online Product Advisor: Support Your Customers in Choosing Products

With an online product advisor, you support your customers in selecting the right article for their needs. In this way, you reduce high return and purchase cancellation rates and increase your turnover in the online shop. Because with the online product advisor, you bring expert advice from the stationary to the digital trade. But what is the best way to implement the perfect online product advisor in your online shop? That’s what this article is about.

Minimizing Returns Rate Updated on 16. November 2020 | 23. Jan 2017 | Daniela Ilincic | Advice Tool Learn More

Email Automation: More Traffic for Less Work – Cool, Right?

Once properly thought out and set up, email automation will bring you more traffic to your online store. And the best part? You save yourself a lot of work. Because you don’t have to constantly reset recurring emails. It’s not without reason that email automation is the buzzword that store operators are talking about. Now we want to get to the bottom of the whole thing and give you the most important input. Have fun reading!

Boosting Traffic Rate Updated on 16. November 2020 | 18. Oct 2018 | Daniela Ilincic | Marketing Automation Learn More

How You Can Increase the Sales Figures of Your Online Shop With AI Software

Shopping as an experience: What stationary retail has long been good at is becoming increasingly tangible online thanks to AI software (artificial intelligence). An online fashion shop and a bookseller show how it works.

Artificial Intelligence |  Increasing Conversion Rate 21. May 2021 | Daniela Ilincic Learn More

Product Categories for Successful Marketing in E-Commerce

Have you ever been in a shop without signage? Quite a strange idea, isn’t it? Product categories are the backbone of any online shop. Our definition: product categories are like a road map that directs traffic. The easier the signage is to understand, the faster customers get to their destination – the product they need. Customers need orientation when shopping. For a first-class shopping experience, they expect products to be correctly categorised and easy to find in bundles: Be it breakfast cereals, kitchen utensils, or winter coats. The same is true in e-commerce. In this article, you will learn how product categories improve the user experience, optimise your marketing investment and contribute to your business goals.

Reducing Bounce Rate 23. Feb 2022 | Daniela Ilincic Learn More