ReboPharm improves the user experience of search function for veterinarians with epoq

13. Jul 2021 | Daniela Ilincic 0:00

Ettlingen, 13.07.2021 - ReboPharm, the leading specialist wholesaler for veterinarians, is improving the intuitive user guidance via the search function on with epoq internet services, provider of AI-supported personalisation software for e-commerce. The personalisation aspect is intended to help veterinarians from both small and large animal practices find their way around the full range of 30,000 different quality articles and more than 60 own brands.

New search features and personalised search results make product research easier for veterinarians

The search function on is a popular application among veterinarians to quickly and easily search for desired products. Therefore, ReboPharm has improved the search function. Among other things, this has made it possible to enter search word combinations such as “meliseptol desinfektion 5000 ml” and to recognise typing and spelling errors. In addition, the search function generates an autosuggest preview window, which enables a quick start to the product search by displaying suitable categories and products for the search entry. In addition to the options in the search entry, the autosuggest preview window as well as the search results list prioritise the items that correspond to the overall click-and-buy behaviour of the shop customers. This is intended to make the entry into the shopping process shorter. A highlight for all logged-in shop customers is the individual price display. This has made the user guidance more intuitive and personalised, which has a positive effect on the customer experience.

Intelligent algorithms deliver the right search result in milliseconds

In order to create the conditions for the use of intelligent algorithms (AI), a knowledge base first had to be generated for the online shop and linked to the search function. For this purpose, the click-and-buy behaviour of the shop customers, the product catalogue and intelligent algorithms were brought together. After a short learning phase, the intelligent algorithms were ready for use. As soon as a search query is started by a shop customer, they search the product catalogue, match it with the entire click-and-buy behaviour of the shop customers and play out the search results in milliseconds. “We are excited about the possibilities that are now available for our customers to quickly and easily find the product they are looking for.” Sylvia Böttner, e-commerce manager at ReboPharm, said.

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About ReboPharm

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a large animal or small animal veterinary clinic: When it comes to veterinary supplies, ReboPharm has a solution for every issue – and a suitable product! For 40 years, ReboPharm Veterinär-Fachgroßhandel GmbH & Co. KG has been one of the most efficient full-range suppliers for veterinarians and offers veterinarians throughout Germany everything they need for their daily practice with more than 30,000 articles. As a partner at eye level, ReboPharm knows exactly the challenges of modern veterinary clinic and offers perfectly tailored solutions. In addition to all medicines for veterinary and human medicine, the specialist wholesaler also stocks a comprehensive range of surgery and operating theatre supplies, instruments and equipment, medical technology, dressing materials, anaesthetics, laboratory and X-ray accessories, dental supplies – right through to homeopathics and natural remedies. Care preparations for wound cleansing, nutritional supplements and dietary food also have a firm place in the product range of the Bocholt-based family business. While the product portfolio is constantly being optimised, one thing always remains the same at ReboPharm: the proximity to its customers!

About epoq internet services

epoq internet services GmbH provides its customers with a unique software suite for the holistic personalisation of digital commerce. With modular, customised services based on artificial intelligence, epoq creates unique shopping experiences along the entire customer journey. The online shoppers receive orientation, advice and inspiration when online shopping. After the purchase, they are provided with relevant shopping news in real time in their personal shopping area, prompting them to visit the online shops daily. In addition, online shoppers are kept up to date with personalised e-mails and thus stay in touch with the online shop.

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