epoq and Y1 Intensify Their Partnership and Support Shop Operators With Customer Centricity

14. Oct 2020 | Sarah Birk 0:00

Ettlingen, 14 October 2020 – Y1 Digital AG, agency for valuable and sustainable digital commerce projects, and epoq internet services GmbH, expert for AI-supported online shop personalisation, intensify their partnership and support shop operators in focusing on the needs of their customers.

Customer Centricity as a principle to put customer needs first

Y1 supports clients in digital projects – from the idea to the successful operation of digital commerce systems and platforms. The key to success is to evaluate the needs and goals of the company itself as well as those of the customers and users. Customer centricity plays an important role in this. “Customer centricity is an important principle for our work. By putting the needs of our customers and their users first, we aim to create forward-looking digital solutions with innovative power and high business value. The focus is always on the need. It defines the platform or technology, not the other way around,” states Sebastian Wernhöfer, Member of the Y1 Board.

Through the partnership with the personalisation provider epoq, the customer-centricity approach can be strengthened even further. This is because personalisation makes it possible to specifically address customer needs and to focus on the customer with his or her preferences. “With our products, we want to deliver a high level of benefit to the user, but also a lasting digital experience. In today’s world, it is increasingly important to stand out from the competition. To this end, epoq is an exciting building block to differentiate and give yourself more options,” states Wernhöfer. As part of the cooperation between the two companies, shop operators receive support in customer orientation in various areas, which enables them to create inspiring digital experiences.

Customer Centricity Strategy along the Customer Journey

Through the more intensive partnership, shop operators can benefit from the customer-centricity strategy and tailor the entire customer journey of their customers to their needs. “With the help of personalisation, the customer can be placed in the centre at all times. For this, it is important to recognise the customer’s needs in every phase of the customer journey and to address them specifically with relevant content. Personalised content that takes customer-specific preferences into account meets the needs of customers and thus ensures customer centricity along the entire customer journey,” states Thorsten Mühling, CEO & Founder of epoq.

In the product research phase, for example, epoq supports shop operators with an intelligent search that guides customers quickly and easily to the desired product in the form of personalised result lists, among other things, and thus fulfils the need for orientation. Y1 also ensures customer-oriented category management. In the phase of readiness to buy, the structure and content of the product detail page, which is geared to the customer’s needs, is of great importance. Here, Y1 can use its expertise to ensure a customer-centric design. In addition, epoq addresses the need for inspiration with the help of personalisation by providing relevant recommendations that take customer-specific preferences into account.

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About Y1

Y1 Digital AG was founded in April 2020 from the agencies codekunst, mzentrale and Sitewards and offers holistic solutions for digital commerce: from digital branding and design to UX/UI, development, cloud services, digital marketing and comprehensive consulting services. Its headquarters are in Karlsruhe; other locations are Munich, Frankfurt (a.M.), Stuttgart and Leipzig. At the top of the approximately 100 employees are the board members Peter Schneider, Sebastian Wernhöfer and Lars Ax, followed by their founder Patrick Scherr. With the experience of more than 20 years of e-commerce and the focus on B2B enterprise commerce and B2C/D2C commerce for fashion & lifestyle, the agency offers a high degree of expertise and powerful solutions to implement successful and sustainable projects in a targeted manner, also thanks to an international partner network. To this end, the agency relies on the solutions Adobe Magento Commerce, novomind iShop, Spryker, Shopware and Sylius in the area of commerce systems. The agency’s clients include well-known companies and leading brands such as Bogner, Zarges, Steiff, Roche and many more.

About epoq internet services

epoq internet services GmbH provides its customers with a unique software suite for the holistic personalisation of digital commerce. With modular, customised services based on artificial intelligence, epoq creates unique shopping experiences along the entire customer journey. The online shoppers receive orientation, advice and inspiration when online shopping. After the purchase, they are provided with relevant shopping news in real time in their personal shopping area, prompting them to visit the online shops daily. In addition, online shoppers are kept up to date with personalised e-mails and thus stay in touch with the online shop.

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