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Onsite Search in E-commerce – How Shop Customers Find What They are Looking for

The search function is of great importance for both shop customers and shop operators. In the best case, it enables users to quickly and easily find the product they want to buy. If the onsite search instead delivers no results or unsuitable results, this quickly leads to online shoppers aborting the search process and leaving the site. To prevent this, intelligent onsite search is essential. Why you should rely on an optimised onsite search and which functions it should include, we will tell you in the blog article.

Reducing Bounce Rate Updated on 16. November 2020 | 08. Apr 2016 | Sarah Birk Learn More

How You Can Use the Product Detail Page as a Conversion Lever

The product detail page of an online shop is in most cases the last touchpoint before the ordering process. That’s why it counts: Convincing the potential customer of the product and the online shop. To achieve this, the product detail page must be optimally designed and offer the user all the information he needs to make a purchase. In this article, we show you which aspects must be taken into account and how you can turn the product detail page into a conversion lever through additional elements and personalisation.

Adding Shopping Cart Value Updated on 06. July 2021 | 10. Jan 2018 | Sarah Birk | Digital Sales Promotion Learn More

After the Purchase Is Before the Purchase: Successful After-Sales Measures for Strong Customer Loyalty in E-commerce

Once a customer has made a purchase in the online shop, the primary goal has been achieved. Does this mean that shop operators can sit back and relax from this point on? Clear answer: No! Because the customer relationship does not end with the conclusion of a transaction, but really gets going from this point on. So if you forego after-sales measures and thus the chance to keep the customer satisfied even after the purchase, you are giving away the enormous potential that lies behind the customer you have already won. In this article, we will tell you which options are available to you and how you can use them to bind customers to your shop in the long term.

Boosting Traffic Rate |  Increasing Repurchase Rate 08. Jun 2020 | Sarah Birk Learn More

The Most Important Key Figures in Email Marketing: How to Measure Success

Email marketing is an effective tool for building a connection with shop customers and getting them to visit your shop again. But how do you know that your email marketing is successful? In this blog article we tell you which key figures are decisive in email marketing and how you can use them to monitor the achievement of your goals and measure your success.

Boosting Traffic Rate 23. Jul 2021 | Sarah Birk | KPI E-commerce Learn More

The 4 Most Important E-commerce Trends in 2022

Consumer habits have changed drastically in 2020 and 2021, not least due to the global pandemic. In this article, we’ll show you which e-commerce trends you can’t afford to miss in the coming year if you want to keep your customers happy in the long term.

Increasing Conversion Rate 16. Nov 2021 | Sarah Birk Learn More

Online Consulting Software: How Does Digital Purchasing Advise Work?

Every online shopper wants to quickly and efficiently find a product that matches their expectations as closely as possible. Ideally in your online shop. To make this possible, you can offer your potential customers digital purchasing advice. In this article, you will leran which forms of online consulting software are available in e-commerce and which advantages they bring for you and your customers.

Minimizing Returns Rate 21. Feb 2022 | Sarah Birk | Advice Tool Learn More

Cross Selling Strategy : How Easy It Is to Increase the Value of Your Shopping Cart

Discounts and promotions are real boosters that significantly increase the value of your customers’ shopping carts. However, they only work in the short term. Other techniques, such as cross selling, are time-consuming but cause long-term benefits and lead to a significant increase in sales. This article is your guide to cross selling strategies, from the definition of cross selling to increasing cart value through the targeted sale of complementary products.

Adding Shopping Cart Value 22. Feb 2022 | Sarah Birk | Digital Sales Promotion Learn More