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Did you know that…

  • 80%

    of users use the search function purely to find the right product? (Source: E-Commerce-Leitfaden)

  • 30%

    of online shoppers leave the shop if their search does not yield results, even though the product is available? (Source: E-Commerce-Leitfaden)

  • 6-8%

    The conversion rate is 6-8% higher among searchers than non-searchers? (Source: eCommerce Alive)

  • 90%

    of users are frustrated about long search times? (Source: E-Commerce-Leitfaden)

  • 95%

    of users leave the online shop immediately if the search function does not show the desired results? (Source: E-Commerce-Leitfaden)

Efficient search function -the personal guide for successful and fast shopping

An intelligent search in the online shop ensures that customers find their way directly to the desired product. Search results are calculated in milliseconds, and an intelligent algorithm provides targeted results by, for example, detecting and correcting errors, making suggestions, and detecting automatic and manual adjustments. An intelligent search in the online shop can also be adapted without any problems to the company-specific processes and allows for an efficient entry into the purchasing process and a quick purchase conclusion. This is exactly what epoq  Search offers.

Intelligent Search of epoq provides relevant search results which are based on the click and buy behavior of all customers.
Functionality of intelligent search epoq

Which features shouldan intelligent search contain?

Error Tolerance

Consideration of possible typing errors and integrated “Did you mean” function


General linguistic usage and colloquial expressions are considered.


Intelligent text and product suggestions are presented to the typing customer.

Facet Filter

narrow down facilitate Filter options let the customer narrow down the products and facilitate the search.


Combinations of search words are considered.

Result Management

Individual products can be pushed or faded out in the result list.

This is how it works:

    Zero hits pages produce negative emotions that prompt customers to leave the shop. This scenario is often down to typing errors or searching blindly. Automatic error tolerance and functions such as suggest and auto-complete are an efficient way to point the user in the right direction, improve usability and reduce bounce rates.

    If an online shopper searches for a “toshiba satellite 8gb win10” (long-tail search query), it is a keyword combination that provides features in the search field. By integrating the semantics into the search function, this type of search is made possible.

    As well as product information, ordering conditions also play a key role in the completion of a purchase. The link finder enables a customer to access key content pages or landing pages via the search function. The integration of banners for certain search terms refers customers to current marketing campaigns. In this way, the customer-oriented service is personalized via the search function, and the user is happy because they find what they are looking for. Recommendations on the entered search term also encourage browsing.

    If an online shopper is seeking for particular product, e.g. climbing boots, content posts can be displayed next to the results list with the products. These can provide additional information about the product, which is relevant for the purchase decision and show competence, e.g. description of the most important characteristics of mountain boots.


    Content contributions can be displayed in a different way compared to the products. For example, the results list with the relevant products can be displayed by default and can be found in an “Information” tab, designed in a visually different style, and which contains content articles.

    Through our banner management you can promote actions above the result list by using images. For example, banners can be used to highlight certain brands that you want to promote or to point out discounts.

    Banners can also be shown within the autosuggest window to navigate your customers to the right product before displaying the result list.

    For certain brands, there are colloquial names such as Converse (rule in the product catalog) and chucks (search term of online shoppers). In order to publish a results list with the right products, Chucks has the synonym Converse (Thesaurus).
    In the B2B area, search is often made for item numbers. The shop search can be designed for this purpose and an error tolerance can be provided in the area of the item numbers.
    This allows customers to find precisely the products they are looking for.
    Once the result list for a product search has been issued, the facet filter can be used to limit the search results by clicking on it. For example, by selecting the color, the size, the mark, etc. in the facet filter. Thus, an online shopper will only see the products that contain the selected features. The facet filter can also be positioned as desired.
    After the result list has been displayed, an online shopper will be able to sort the list of results according to their wishes. This allows for a faster location of the appropriate product.

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    „We have received high praise for our new search function in telephone contact with our customers. The new recommendation function with product preview offers real added value to our customers. We are delighted that epoq always handles our needs and minor problems quickly and without any complications.“


    Norbert Geinitz | E-Commerce & Marketing | Esmeyer

    Create positive searchexperiences for customers

    Not all searches are the same. The quality can vary significantly and therefore affect the time spent in the shop. Therefore, it is essential that:

    • the product catalog is adapted with regard to the desired search functionality (for example, to include the color name in a separate column).
    • an adjustment of the algorithm is performed (for example, selection of the fields to be searched, determination of the field weighting and setting of the sensitivity level for the error tolerance), and
    • A configuration takes place (for example, selection of filter functionality and grouping of type Ahead).

    Which adjustments are necessary depends on the requirements of the shop owner and the company-specific processes that are to be displayed. We take on the requirements and provide a tailor-made search function for the online shop.

    A top-quality search contains:


    Optimally prepared product catalog through data processing, cleaning & aggregation.


    Adjustment of the search algorithm, e.g., error tolerance, field weighting and ranking.


    Functional as well as visual configuration. Functional e.g., choice of filters, sorting and type-ahead preview, visual: graphical formatting in the design of the shop.

    Integration?There's nothing easier than that!

    Product catalog

    In order to set up the intelligent search function, we first need your product catalog in XML or CSV format. We give you the tracking code for the connection to our platform, which you integrate into the shop.

    Tracking Code & Code Snippet

    You add our tracking code to your online shop to connect to our platform as well as a code snippet as placeholder for the frontend.


    The intelligent search is configured in your test system until the optimal result is achieved.


    The search function is activated in the shop.

    Quality assurance

    We will check the search box as well as the filter functions, test the weighting, ranking and fault tolerance, and optimize these settings as desired. We also offer training on our login area: Key figures, analysis and keyword optimization.

    Intelligent Searchis suitable for you, if...

    • your online shop or product feed is running already and you want to optimize it
    • your online shop has more than 30.000 sessions per month
    • your product feed contains more than 1000 products
    • online shoppers bounce when using your standard search function because they are lead to zero hits pages

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