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Minimizing Returns Rate |

3 Examples of a Guided Selling Software

A guided selling software helps customers make decisions about what to purchase in an online shop, which can have the effect of reducing the rate of returns. In a physical store, we are all familiar with the concept of a sales advisor who is on hand to help us navigate the purchase of a pair of pants or a new TV. But although this is a common sight in retail stores, sales advisors are rarely used in online stores. These three successful examples of guided selling software will show you how you can change this in your online store.

Minimizing Returns Rate |

Digital Returns Management Begins in the Online Shop

Returns management is an important part of digital commerce. In the fashion industry, for example, returns are not uncommon. With a return rate of up to 50%*, this means that almost half of orders will be sent back in whole or in part. Even without knowing exact figures, we can still see that this results in huge costs. So it is no wonder that e-commerce managers go to great efforts to reduce the return rate. In this article, we show you how this can be done even before the purchase, as well as providing further useful information on this topic.

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